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Shards Unknown
Investitures Unknown
Universe Cosmere
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Vax is likely a planet in the cosmere.[1]

Nothing is known of Vax, its peoples, or any Shards that may or may not be located there. All that is certain is that it has a manifestation of Investiture in which people are Initiated differently than on Sel, Scadrial, Nalthis, or Taldain.[1]

On Scadrial, when Ruin is killed by Vin while she is holding Preservation, Ati's soul is finally freed from Ruin and appears in the Cognitive Realm. Right before moving on to the Beyond, Ati looks around Scadrial's subastral and seems to wonder aloud if it is Vax.[2] Leras would recognize Vax.[3]


  • Brandon refuses to say anything about Vax.


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