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Region Cognitive Realm
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Arcanum Unbounded (Mentioned), Mistborn Era 2 (Mentioned), The Sunlit Man (Mentioned)
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Silverlight is a city in the cosmere, located in the Cognitive Realm.[1][2] It is an ancient city that existed in some form long before notable cosmere events such as the Reod and the Catacendre.[3] The city was once a collection of dragon palaces and skyscrapers and many dragons still have a home base there, including Xisisrefliel.[4]

It is the residing place of Khriss, Nazh, and Guyn. Some residents hail from other planets, but there are humans who were born and raised in Silverlight,[2] including Iyatil.[5] It is a meeting point for worldhoppers and Realmatically aware experts,[6] and it is the base of operations for the Seventeenth Shard.[7] Due to the diverse knowledge of its residents, Silverlight has the best parties in the cosmere.[8]

It has several universities;[9] Khriss was involved in the founding of at least one of them.[10] Silverlight scholars are aware of many esoteric facts about various planetary systems in the cosmere. This includes manifestations of Investiture, the locations of perpendicularities, the existence of Splinters, and the history and current status of Shards.[11][12][9] They seek to learn more about cosmere mysteries that they cannot fully explain, such as the existence of a perpendicularity on First of the Sun[13] or the nature of the Evil on Threnody.[14] As part of their research, they travel throughout the cosmere investigating unusual events and situations,[13] although some people prefer to avoid the more dangerous fields of study.[15] Most people in Silverlight are aware of Hoid.[16] The universities are in contact with the Ire, one of the most cosmere-knowledgeable groups in existence, but the Ire are not always willing to collaborate with Silverlight's scholars.[9]

Residents of Silverlight are known to use silver chains that originate on Threnody,[17] possibly to anchor themselves through Cognitive anomalies while traveling to different planetary systems.[18]

They have a mercantile company, known as Silverlight Mercantile, that is known to act as an interplanetary postal service, making use of mysterious messengers that can trace Connection to find anyone, no matter where they are.[19] Little more is known about it beyond this function.

Silverlight has its own recognizable accent.[20]

Interplanetary Regulation[edit]

After planets across the cosmere became advanced enough to travel between planets, Silverlight became an integral power in the regulation of interplanetary conduct, penning the Silverlight Codes of Interplanetary Conduct, which are known to include the Refugee and Lost Expatriate Bill, which forces interplanetary travelers to grant asylum under unspecified circumstances.[21]


  • Brandon plans to write a novella set on Silverlight.[22][23] Khriss would be a viewpoint character[24] and it would include the Seventeenth Shard.[25]
  • Brandon was hesitant about namedropping this city because for a time he thought he might have to change the name due to the release of Microsoft Silverlight.[26]


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