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Region Cognitive Realm
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Arcanum Unbounded (Mentioned)

Silverlight is a city in the cosmere, located in the Cognitive Realm.[1][2]

It is the residing place of Khriss, Nazh, and Guyn, and the birthplace of Iyatil.[3] It is most likely the meeting point for Worldhoppers and Realmatically aware experts.[4] Khriss was involved with the founding of a university on Silverlight.[5] There are humans who were born and raised in Silverlight.[2] Silverlight is the base of operations for the Seventeenth Shard.[6] The earliest forms of Silverlight existed before any of the currently published books take place.[7] Khriss says that it has several universities.[8] Silverlight has the best parties in the cosmere.[9]


  • Brandon plans to write a novella set on Silverlight.[10][11]
  • Brandon was hesitant about namedropping this city because he thought he might have to change the name with the release of Microsoft Silverlight.[12]


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