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Silver is a significant substance and a valuable currency in the Forests of Hell as it is known to repel spirits.[1] Shades that touch it are thrown backward, though the touch of the Shades blacken and ruin it.[1] A ring of silver is installed around every house to ward off the shades, and they need to be replaced regularly.

Silver can also heal the effects of a Shade attack. Silver dust is applied immediately to areas of the body that are affected, reversing the necrotic effects of the Shade's touch. Applying too late would have no effect on the wound.

Around the Cosmere[edit]


Silver is Allomantically inert.[2] It may have interesting properties, but on Scadrial they are largely undiscovered.[3] It can be used as an anchor by Coinshots and Lurchers.[4]


Brandon originally envisaged the Allomantic powers of tin as silver, falsely assuming that pewter had a high quantity of silver.[5] He also considered using it instead of aluminum when Vin is captured in Kredik Shaw, but decided it was too abundant.[2] After changing it, he was concerned that Vin's earring might be confusing, so it became 'silver coated'.[6]


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