Dragon (cosmere)

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Dragon (cosmere)
Hoid and the dragon.jpg
by botanicaxu
Type Animal
Sapient Yes
World Yolen
Featured In Dragonsteel

Dragons are a species that exist on Yolen, the world of Dragonsteel.[1] Although dragons have not played a major role in any of the currently published works, they are confirmed to exist in the cosmere.


Dragons are intelligent and inherently ageless.[2][3][4] They are a unique race,[2] and at least one individual is among the oldest beings in the cosmere.[5] They are not necessarily large in size, and they have the ability to shapeshift.[2] Individual dragons may be able to take the form of different species, including human.[2][6] They are able to fly.[7]

Known individuals[edit]

The only confirmed dragon that has appeared to date is Frost, a dragon from Yolen who is the confirmed recipient of The Letter.[8][9] The Second Letter is a direct response to the first, and the content of the letter and subsequent comments by Brandon indicate that Frost is the author.[10]

It is possible that one or more dragons have already appeared in published works in another form, but readers would not have been able to identify them.[11] Brandon's comments regarding Dragonsteel indicate that there were once numerous dragons,[12][1] but it is not known how many survived until the events of the Stormlight Archive.

Cosmere role[edit]

Frost is not a worldhopper but he has significant knowledge of the cosmere.[13] He is older than Hoid[5] which means he was alive during the Shattering of Adonalsium, although it is not clear if he was actually present at that event. He is still alive.[3]

The Second Letter's author refers to a nonintervention policy, which Brandon has confirmed as applying to Frost.[10] Frost knows Hoid well and calls him "friend"; he also appears to have personal knowledge of the original Vessels of the sixteen Shards. He refers to past interference having caused "destruction" and "nothing but pain" and urges Hoid to stop causing chaos. If other dragons are alive, it is not known if they share Frost's knowledge or his position.

The Nalthian Dedelin refers to T'Telir as a "dragon's nest".[14] Brandon has stated that Nalthians are a highly cosmere-aware society[15] and that there is a reason that dragons are part of Nalthian mythology.[16]

Known Dragons[edit]


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