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Related to Realmatic Theory
Type Spiritual property
Universe Cosmere
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Beware of anyone who claims to be able to see the future.

Fortune is a Spiritual property in the cosmere,[2] related to luck, seeing the future, or versions of the future.[3]


The precise nature of Fortune and how it functions and is used, is currently unclear. Fortune has been described as "luck" by less cosmere-aware groups, such as the Terris three centuries after the Catacendre.[4] However, it is clear from other individuals that are more cosmere-aware that Fortune is more than simple luck. It's a way of knowing things you would not know otherwise,[5] and a way in which one can see the future.[3] It is implied that Fortune is a thing one can access[6] and draw upon.[7] Someone drawing upon Fortune can lead to events that appear to be coincidences.[7]

Fortune and the Spiritual Realm are closely related. Future sight in the cosmere works through use of the Spiritual Realm.[8] Fortune is one such way of accessing use of the Spiritual Realm,[6][2] however individuals can see into the Spiritual Realm without using Fortune.[2]

In general, future sight has been said to be dangerous in the cosmere,[9] so Fortune would likely be as well. Anytime someone sees the future, it will have ripples against someone else's ability to see the future.[10]

Chromium can be used by a Feruchemist to store Fortune, but when used Hemalurgically, it doesn't steal Fortune, but destiny.


When the Ire spotted an agent--who happened to be Kelsier--Alonoe thought the sighting was not a coincidence, but Elrao, another member of the Ire, said the use of Fortune was not related to every coincidence.[7]

Azure said to Shallan that, during their trip into the Cognitive Realm, Kaladin had foreseen danger by Fortune. Shallan had been suspicious, as she was told by Hoid to trust no one who sees the future--even Hoid.[11]

Odium remarked to Taravangian that the Diagram was impressive, considering he created it without access to Fortune, or the Spiritual Realm.[6]

Venli mentions the Rhythm of Fortune in a context where a human might refer to luck, suggesting the singers have some awareness of Fortune.[12]

Three hundred and forty years after the Catacendre on Scadrial, the Terris were aware of Fortune. They knew a chromium Ferring (Spinner) could store Fortune. To most Terris, Fortune, as well as the other Spiritual metals of Feruchemy, were considered beyond understanding.[13] These metals were under heavy experimentation by the Terris,[4] but they did not fully understand their use at this time.[14]

Hoid uses the same mechanics of chromium Feruchemy--Fortune--to know where he needs to go.[5] However, his use of Fortune does not allow him to know why he needs to be in certain places.[1]


  • Brandon had atium see the future so that he would foreshadow Fortune.[3]
  • Brandon has said there is a "good reason" why he hasn't shown a character with Fortune yet, as he is saving that for later.[14]
  • The Mistborn Adventure Game's version of Fortune is not canonical, and Brandon had a different way for the mechanic to work.[15]


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