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Shards Endowment
Investitures Awakening
System Nalthian system
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Warbreaker
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Nalthis is the name of the Shardworld on which the novel Warbreaker takes place. It has a number of states, including Idris and Hallandren. A person from Nalthis is called a Nalthian.

A single moon named Rrendos orbits the planet.[1][2]





The major settings of Warbreaker are T'Telir, the capital city of Hallandren, and Hallandren's bordering mountain state of Idris. The jungles are situated in a large valley surrounded by mountains and a sea.

Not much is known about the geography of Nalthis. There is an inland sea that is valuable for trade, and at least a third of the coast is owned by Hallandren.

Hallandren is unique in the known world of Nalthis as being the only place that Tears of Edgli will grow, as well as being the only jungle climate.

Idris is located to the north of Hallandren. It controls the passes through the mountains, which are very profitable for trade. It can be inferred that a few well-populated nations are located past these mountains and beyond the reach of the inland sea. Idris also contains some copper mines.

Flora and Fauna[edit]

Nalthis has diverse species of palms, savanna animals, and the Tears of Edgli. Elephants and Zebras are said to be exotic creatures from "the South." Whether this means they come from south Hallandren or south of Hallandren is unclear.[3]


Nalthian history is mostly unknown. Vasher remarked that the planet is young enough that it does not have fossils.[4]

At some time in the far past, Vo traveled over the sea and became a Returned, creating Hallandren, which occupied the location of the previous Pahn Kahl nation. The Returned created a religion and nation with themselves as the focus of both. After some time, the Five Scholars came together and catalyzed the Manywar, which resulted in the separation of the Idrian nation (after the royal family deserted Hallandren for Idris, for disputed reasons) and the rise of the God Kings and absolutism of the Iridescent Tones.

About 300 years after the Manywar, the Pahn Kahl rebellion occurred. This was also when the Idrian princess Siri married the God King Susebron, bringing a member of the royal family back to Hallandren.


The Shard Endowment has been confirmed to be present on Nalthis.[5] This has had the effect that every human born on Nalthis is born with one Breath, the source of energy for Awakening and Returning. Endowment is related to the flowers which grow around T'Telir, the capital city of Hallandren.[6] Endowment has been known to revive recently deceased people, awarding them a single Divine Breath under the requirement that they consume a normal Breath once a week to stay alive. It is believed, and confirmed for at least three characters,[7][8][9] that all Returned come back to fulfill some divine goal. It is unknown what Endowment's purpose is, or how long she has been doing this. Warbreaker accounts for only a brief history, which mentions Vo as being the "first Returned", according to the Idris religion.



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