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This article's title is uncanonical and a fan created one, because an official term or name has not been made yet.

The rebellion of the Pahn Kahl is an attempt to free the Pahn Kahl people from the oppression of the Hallandren pantheon[1].

Cultural Background[edit]

The Pahn Kahl harbored resentment for the centuries of abuse they received at the hands of the Hallandren: their subjugation[1], relegation to the lowliest jobs available[2], and seeming assimilation to the point that most Hallandren assumed their culture no longer existed[3][4].

The Pahn Kahl people have planned for the rebellion for generations[citation needed]. Since the Pahn Kahl people are mostly viewed harmless, they slowly climbed in ranks. The many head scribes before Bluefingers were also Pahn Kahl.[citation needed] Although compared to priests, they were low in rank, but they had much power by running many actual functions in the palace. They put more Pahn Kahl in higher positions, gaining power and preparing to start the rebellion.


Bluefingers is the ringleader.[1][5] When Siri and Susebron get married, Bluefingers realizes that the power the Pahn Kahl have built up over the years would soon be gone, as the servants would be replaced when a new God King came to power.[citation needed] Under such pressure, he is forced to get into action soon.

The greatest obstacle to the rebellion is the powerful Lifeless army of Hallandren. In order to get rid of it, Bluefingers attempts to start a war between Hallandren and Idris to keep the army away and occupied. He hired Denth's crew to raise the tension between Hallandren and Idris[6]. Denth attacks the supplies needed for war, incites the Idrians in the slums and even kidnaps the children of priests against war to blackmail them. These effectively pushes the tide towards having a war.

The tunnel system under the palaces of the returned are used to smuggle thugs in.[expand]

Course of Events[edit]

Bluefingers instructs the capture and torture of Blushweaver and Lightsong[7]. When they surrender the command phrase, it allows Bluefingers to command the forty thousand Lifeless troops of Hallandren to march on Idris[1]. He also captures the God King and Queen, planning to kill them on an alter to further enrage the people of both country.[1]

The rebellion is thwarted by Lightsong, when he healed Susebron of his missing tongue with divine Breath[8], which allowed Susebron to use Peacegiver's Treasure, the fifty thousand Breaths. With the incredible awakening force, Susebron quells the rebels' attack on the palace with a fury of awakened cloths[9].

Denth and his mercenary ambushs Vasher and captures him, but Vivenna comes to the rescue. When Vasher confronts fifty Lifeless soldiers, he draws Nightblood, slaying them but also nearly drained of breaths. Denth then challenges him to a duel. As Vasher is about to lose, he kills Denth with an unexpected attack.[8][10].

Kalad's Phantoms are activated by Susebron with the command phrase given by Vasher. They are sent against the Lifeless army[11], which turned out to be successful.[12]


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