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Died Pahn Kahl rebellion
Profession High Priest
Residence T'Telir
Nationality Hallandren
World Nalthis
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Warbreaker

Why would a Returned care about Awakening? They have everything they need.


Treledees is a Hallandren man and High Priest to the God King Susebron

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Treledees has a long face. He's unusually tall for a Hallandren,[2] and is one the tallest people in the Court of the Gods. In fact, he is only slightly shorter than the Returned themselves, though, unlike the men of the Court of Gods, he is spindly.[3] As high priest of the God King, he is always dressed grandly. He wears ornate robes in silver and blue with high peaked shoulders that make them reminiscent of armor. He also wears a matching, mitre-like headdress.[4]

While highly respected in the court, Sisirinah considers Treledees to be obnoxious and disdainful,[3] as well as self-assured and arrogant.[5] He does not believe in bending rules or playing favorites.[3]

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

Treledees is clever and observant as well as covert. In addition to his mental skills, he has additional Breaths to get to the Third Heightening, which grants him Aura Recognition, Perfect Pitch and Perfect Color Recognition.[6][7]

He has researched the first and second princesses of Idris in great detail (although admits to the courts lack of research on Sisirinah) and understands how to use the Royal Locks to read their emotions.[6]

Treledees is a devoted priest and takes his role as such seriously, even to the point of respecting Siri’s role as queen, though he will only call her "Vessel."[3]


Quiet you fool! We're trying to help you!

—Treledees to Siri[8]

Siri initially observed Treledees as an outwardly hostile man for most of her time in the Court of the Gods. She suspected him of plotting to kill the God King, even after Susebron told her that Treledees was a man that he trusted along with all his other priests.

Susebron was proven correct during the Pahn Kahl rebellion, when Treledees took up a fallen soldier’s sword to defend them[9] and eventually died protecting him and Siri.[1]


Treledees is a loyal High Preist of Susebron the God King of Hallandren.[1] He dislikes Siri as queen of Hallandren and tries to keep her in line. Despite this, he is ready to do all in his power to preserve her during the Pahn Kahl rebellion.


In earlier drafts of Warbreaker, Treledees was named "Tridees."[10]


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