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Siblings Arsteel
Abilities Returned, Awakener, Cognitive Shadow
Profession Scholar
Groups Five Scholars
World Nalthis
Featured In Warbreaker

Yesteel is the brother of Arsteel and one of the Five Scholars on Nalthis.

Yesteel's life before he Returned is a mystery. Prior to the Manywar he invented ichor-alcohol, a substance which is used to increase the length of time a Lifeless can remain active without requiring a new Breath. Yesteel has recently improved upon the formula for ichor-alcohol, making a version that is even more effective and potent. This new version of ichor-alcohol is not in common usage on Nalthis at the time of the Pahn Kahl rebellion.

In his annotations on Warbreaker, Brandon indicates that Yesteel knows the process Vasher and Shashara used to Awaken metal. He has thus far kept this knowledge secret.

It has been rumoured that Yesteel has been recruited to the cause of a tyrant who is attempting to restore Huth and Kuth.[1]


It has been theorized that Yesteel had been the mastermind behind the attempted assassination of the God King.[citation needed]


You're not any better at this than Vasher is. You people can’t sneak at all! Yesteel would be so disappointed in you.
Nightblood on Vivenna.[2]


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