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by User: Fyrebeam
Parents Mother
Spouse Sisirinah
Abilities Returned
Titles God King of Hallandren
Nationality Hallandren
World Nalthis
Featured In Warbreaker

Susebron is the God King of Hallandren on Nalthis[1] around 300 years after the Manywar.

He is a Returned and is given two or more Breaths every week by his subjects in order to keep him alive[2]. He, as a Returned, looks much younger than he really is, which is around 50 years at the time of the events recorded in Warbreaker[3]. He is described as having dark hair, black eyes, and pale skin, though it is revealed later that he could learn to change his appearance at will.

He is the fifth God King in the three hundred years since the Manywar.[4]


He resided, mostly alone, in the black palace that was given to the God Kings. Despite being the official ruler of Hallandren, he was kept away from its people and other Returned, only coming out briefly on special occasions. This was to hide that his tongue had been cut out by his priests when he first Returned, so he could not use his great wealth of Breaths with Commands[5] (as he had not been taught to Awaken with a thought). He has over fifty thousand Breaths; his inheritance from the first God King and those who followed.

During the events of Warbreaker, Susebron married Siri in order to preserve the peace between Hallandren and Idris. At first he feared Siri, uncertain why she spent her nights waiting, naked, on his floor. When the two finally began speaking (as best he could without his tongue), his innocence, from growing up in a virtual prison, was revealed, although later he begins to figure out some things for himself. Siri taught Susebron to read using a story book of his mother's[6] that he had 'hidden' from his priests[7]. He had heard the stories so many times and looked at it over the years that he had memorized each symbol, and the rules of the stories in the book were in part the code by which he lived. This meant he was honest, as the book said, and also did not eat too many sweets. He and Siri eventually fell in love and she began to plan how to reveal to the other gods that he had no tongue. She also teaches him other things, ideas such as sarcasm and mockery, and about other places such as Idris, and her own life. Susebron expresses an interest in meeting Austre.

The Pahn Kahl attack of the Court of the Gods saw him imprisoned in his own palace. Here he was given back his tongue when Lightsong gave up his divine Breath to heal him[8]. As Susebron had so many breaths he was able to Awaken instinctively now that he could speak. He freed his palace from the Pahn Kahl invaders and saved Siri[9].

Susebron continued to reside in his palace with Siri after saving her homeland, Idris, from the Lifeless army using Kalad's Phantoms.


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