Peacegiver's Treasure

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Peacegiver the Blessed left Hallandren and its priests with a vast store of at least fifty thousand Breaths: Peacegiver's Treasure[1], also called the Light of Peace[2].

The priesthood now believes that Peacegiver died when giving them the Breath, but that he may one day Return again to reclaim it[3]. He gave the priests a commission: to protect the Breath, and never to use it.[3] They created the succession of the God Kings--whenever an infant returned, the priests will found a wife for the God King, take the child he fathered(there's some special method that the priests know) cut out his tongue, and pass on the treasure of Breaths to them and made him God King. However, the old God King sometimes fail to produce an heir, then the stillborn infant Returned would be used as a backup plan.[4] This essentially turns them into storehouses--in order to fulfill the task.[5] In addition, they provide each God King with two or more Breaths a week, steadily adding to the amount of Breath Peacegiver's Treasure actually contains[6].


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