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City of the Returned by Bryan Mark Taylor.jpg
Nation Hallandren
World Nalthis
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Warbreaker

T'Telir is the capital city of Hallandren on Nalthis.[1] It is set on its coast and is known for its blaze of color because of the dyes grown in the area. A person from T'Telir is called a T'Telirite.[2]

The city is indeed very bright, and the main areas of the city are very beautiful. Buildings are dyed in all colours here, and the people are much the same. D'Denir, huge statues of great warriors holding weapons in various poses, line the walkways and are frequently adorned with brightly coloured accessories such as scarves and hats by the people. Finally, on a plateau overlooking the sea lies the Court of Gods, where the Returned live in huge mansions, each in a different colour (except for the palace of the God King, which is black). However, the slum areas where the Idrians of the city live aren't quite as nice: although it is still colourful, the buildings are quite run-down and dirty, and there are many beggars and urchins.

T'Telir is home to the Returned. The God King rules it officially, although his priests were the ones to make most of the decisions for him. Some of the Returned were also given votes when it came to big decisions, and the priests would hold public arguments for them, however the God King's vote could overrun this decision. Some of the Returned could also vote on certain less-important matters in the city. The King and the rest of the Returned are revered as gods, and those of people who are in trouble, are sick or lame, can go to them to ask for help. The poorer people are also entered into a lottery where they can come and view the gods while they make their decisions.

The Idrian misconception of T'Telir is that it is a city of horrors, as Siri shows when being led to the gates:

The city walls were next; they were immense and daunting, yet they almost looked more artistic than functional. The wall's top was curved in massive half-circles, like rolling hills, and the rim was plated with a golden metal. The gates themselves were in the form of two twisting, lithe sea creatures who curved up in a massive archway. Siri passed through them, and the guard of Hallandren cavalrymen - who appeared to be living men - accompanied her. She had always thought of Hallandren as a place of death. Her impressions were based on stories told by passing ramblemen or by old women at the winter hearth. They spoke of city walls built from skulls, then painted with sloppy, ugly streaks of color. She's imagined the buildings inside with different clashing hues. Obscene.

Siri's description of the city[3]

T'Telir is also a very wealthy city compared to Bevalis, the capital city of Idris. It is noted by Vasher that T'Telir is one of the only places with enough wealthy people to support restaurants.


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