Cult of Returned

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Cult of Returned
Related to Returned, Iridescent Tones[1]
World of Origin Nalthis
Universe Cosmere

The Cult of Returned was a religion on Nalthis and the precursor to the Iridescent Tones, the theocratic government of Hallandren.[1]


Austrism was once the primary religion of Hanald, the kingdom that preceded Hallandren and Idris.[2] The doctrine of Austrism held that a deity named Austre resurrected the Returned.[2] However, the Cult of Returned believed that the Returned themselves were gods. They believed that their duty was to care for their gods and supply them with BioChromatic Breath until they could perform a divine task, after which they were free to give away their divine Breath and die a second time.[3] When Vasher Returned, the Cult of Returned found him, provided him with Breaths, and gave him the name Warbreaker the Peaceful.[1] The Cult of Returned also knew of Shashara and named her Glorysinger.[4]

After the Manywar and the shattering of Hanald, Austrism turned its back on Awakening and began to consider it an abomination.[5][6] The worship of Returned was considered "pagan", a perspective that is maintained by modern day followers of Austrism.[2] Meanwhile, the Cult of Returned came to prominence in Hallandren, evolving into the Iridescent Tones.[1] The religion presumably became entrenched in Hallandren when Vasher created the first God King by bestowing Peacegiver's Treasure.[7] Although the rule of the Returned is not without fault,[3] citizens of Hallandren still generally follow many of the tenets first established by the Cult of Returned.


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