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Spouse Vasher
Siblings Denth
Relatives Dedelin[1], Vivenna, Ridger, Fafen, Sisirinah
Ancestors Vo
Died [2]
Abilities Returned, Awakener, Worldhopper[3], Cognitive Shadow, Shardbearer (formerly)
Titles Glorysinger
Profession Scholar
Groups Five Scholars
World Nalthis
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Warbreaker
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Shashara was one of the Five Scholars on Nalthis.

Shashara's life before she Returned is a mystery. Upon her Return, she was named Glorysinger by the Cult of the Returned.[2] She became one of the Five Scholars. Vasher indicates that she was one of the more talented Awakeners in the group. She was instrumental in the creation of the one-Breath Command to create Lifeless. Shashara is also the one who discovered how to create a sentient Awakened object of steel, leading to the creation of Nightblood.[4]

She was the sister of Denth. Vasher and Shashara collaborated on their Awakening work, eventually marrying.[2] Shashara and Vasher worked together to create the Command for Nightblood, "Destroy evil."[4]

Nightblood mentions that she argued with Vasher, claiming that he could be a poet or scholar, like a man.[5]

Shashara drew Nightblood the only time it was used in battle during the Manywar.[2] While the details of the Battle of Twilight Falls has yet to be revealed, Vasher found the outcome to be horrifying enough to take action.

Vasher used Nightblood to slay Shashara,[6] his own wife, when it became clear that she was going to reveal to the general populace how to create more sentient swords.[2] She had already revealed the Command to create Lifeless from a single Breath, which was a contributing factor in the start of the Manywar.

She has travelled the cosmere and is considered an early cosmere scholar by those at Silverlight.[3]


  • Shashara was not known to have worn red scarves.[7] This strongly implies that she was not the person who inspired the story of The Girl Who Looked Up.
  • There is no significance with Shashara's name bearing a close resemblance to Shalash's name.[8]


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