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Parents Dedelin, Mother
Siblings Vivenna, Ridger, Siri
Relatives Denth[1], Shashara
Ancestors Vo
Abilities Royal Locks
Titles Princess of Idris
Profession Monk
Religion Austrism
Residence Bevalis
Nationality Idrian
Homeworld Nalthis
Universe Cosmere
Introduced In Warbreaker

The treaty," Vivenna said. "It protects our people."
"Austre protects our people.

—Fafen and Vivenna discussing Siri's departure from Idris.[2]

Fafen is a princess of Idris, the third child of King Dedelin, with elder siblings being Vivenna, Ridger, and her younger sister being Sisirinah.[3] Of the three sisters, Fafen is the middle sister in almost every way. She is midway in height between Vivenna and Siri, and less proper than Vivenna, though not as careless as Siri.[2]

Fafen is a monk of Austrism, and so she wears white robes and is required to have her hair completely shaven off. Her duty, as with all monks, is to grow food for the needy, do tasks around the city, and provide for those who could not provide for themselves. Fafen made the choice to become a monk before her tenth birthday, and has devoted herself to this task ever since.[2] It is tradition that noble or rich families are obligated to send a child to the monasteries. Siri is happy that Fafen is the monk in the family and not her, and she said she would have gone crazy living as a monk.[4] Fafen also had a curvy figure, which attracted men around Bevalis, but her status as a monk kept suitors at bay, as they would have to become monks if they wished to marry her.[2]

Fafen had taken lessons in court life and politics in case Vivenna died before marrying the God King of Hallandren. When Siri was sent to Hallandren instead of Vivenna, Fafen believed that Vivenna would inherit the throne of Idris instead of Ridger.[2]

Fafen had a tendency to avoid thinking things through unless she was confronted with them directly, which meant that people often had to engage her with blunt comments to get through to her.[2]


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