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Parents Dedelin, Mother
Siblings Vivenna, Fafen, Siri
Relatives Denth[1], Shashara
Ancestors Vo
Abilities Royal Locks
Titles Heir to the throne of Idris
Residence Bevalis
Nationality Idrian
World Nalthis
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Warbreaker

Ridger is a member of the Idrian royal family on Nalthis.[2] As the second born child of King Dedelin, Ridger was trained to one day become king, as his elder sister was betrothed to become the queen of Hallandren.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Ridger has a kind heart, always trying to do what was right. He had a good relationship with his youngest sister, Siri.[3] Before Ridger had to begin his training to become king, he and Siri often got into trouble.


As second born child, he was set to inherit the throne because the eldest child, Vivenna, was betrothed to Susebron, the God King of Hallandren.[2] As a child he spent a lot of time with his sister Siri getting into trouble.[3] Once he grew older and began to take on more responsibility, Ridger spent the majority of his time focusing on his studies and being groomed to rule.[4] When King Dedelin chose not to send Vivenna to Hallandren, Fafen believed Vivenna would inherit the throne instead of Ridger, which Vivenna thought would upset the order of things even more.[4]


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