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Type Liquid
World of Origin Nalthis
Universe Cosmere

Ichor-alcohol is a clear fluid invented by Yesteel,[1] one of the Five Scholars, to aid in the creation of Lifeless.


In the time before the Manywar, the Five Scholars studied the magic of Awakening together, seeking to uncover new Commands and understand how Awakening operated. Yesteel discovered an ichor-alcohol during this time. This new process made it easier to create Lifeless that lasted longer.


Ichor-alcohol's main use is to increase the length of time a Lifeless can remain active without requiring a new Breath.[2] Ichor-alcohol also makes the Awakening of Lifeless require fewer Breaths, rendering the process easier and cheaper to perform since new Breaths are less often required.[3] It is infused into the veins of the Lifeless by using a small hand pump, in order to avoid damaging the blood vessels of the Lifeless.[2] In humans, the pump is often attached to a valve in the neck of the Lifeless.

Ichor-alcohol does have some weaknesses though. Since it acts as blood to the Lifeless it will need to be replaced if they become cut and drained of it.[3] The Lifeless will continue to function for a brief period of time before shutting down. Also over time the ichor-alcohol can become corrupted so it needs to be regularly checked and replaced.[4] It is important to note that ichor-alcohol is not a requirement for the creation of Lifeless.[2] The creation of Lifeless without ichor-alcohol, such as Kalad's Phantoms, requires more Breaths but they do not need maintenance like other Lifeless with ichor-alcohol do.

Effects on Nalthis[edit]

The discovery of ichor-alcohol drastically altered the course of history on Nalthis. It was one of the main causes of the Manywar.[2] Lifeless were now cheaper, meaning kings could create armies that didn't have to eat. Jealous of Yesteel's discovery, Shashara (another of the Five Scholars) tried to invent more new Awakening processes.[5] She invented new Commands that allowed for Lifeless to be created with a single Breath.[6] It also caused her to discover the way to create Type-Four BioChromatic entities, such as Nightblood.[5] Shashara's two discoveries also helped to cause the Manywar.

Three hundred years after the Manywar, ichor-alcohol allowed countries such as Hallandren to keep large standing armies of Lifeless, requiring no food and minimal maintenance. Lifeless had also become far more common as servants and workers, doing tasks for their masters. The ichor-alcohol helped make it possible for the people to possess Lifeless because it made the Awakenings cheaper. Ichor-alcohol is utilized in the creation of most, if not all modern Lifeless, such as Clod. A new kind of ichor-alcohol was also developed by Yesteel that was somehow more potent.[1] Knowledge and use of this new variant was not widespread at the time of the Pahn Kahl rebellion, circa 327.


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