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Llarimar by Jove.png
Children Tatara
Siblings Lightsong
Aliases Scoot
Residence T'Telir
Nationality Hallandren
World Nalthis
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Warbreaker

You are a god. To me, at least. It doesn't matter how easily you can be killed, how much breath you have, or how you look. It has to do with who you are and what you mean

—Llarimar to Lightsong[1]

Llarimar is the high priest of Lightsong the Bold in Hallandren on Nalthis.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

If you do nothing, then the problems are as much your fault as if you had instigated them.

—Llarimar to Lightsong, regarding involvement in politics[2]

Llarimar is a tall, portly man with spectacles and a calm demeanor.[3]

Llarimar is a kind, peaceful and incredibly patient individual. It takes the loss of almost all hope, threats, and actual physical violence to make him even complain. He is a high priest and shows significant faith in the Iridescent Tones and specific devotion to the Returned Lightsong.[3] He tends to avoid politics and keeps his thoughts to himself, though he demonstrates many times that he is clever enough to make an impact.[4] Lightsong considers him a wonderful high priest, patient, understanding, and worthy of serving a much better god than Lightsong himself.[2]

He is brave. When Lightsong charges the soldiers attacking Blushweaver he follows and attempts to protect his god despite having no combat skills whatsoever.[5]


With Lightsong

Llarimar had served as a priest to the Returned Kindwinds the Honest,[1] but he grew disillusioned with his gods as he spent years exposed to their venality and corruption. He had a hobby for sailing, and often brought his brother Stennimar and his daughter Tatara with him.[3] One time while on a family boating excursion, his boat the Red Panther was caught in a storm. Tatara was thrown from the deck to certain death, but his brother leaped into the sea and fastened his lifeline to her, rescuing her at his own expense.[6] Following his sacrifice, Stennimar Returned as Lightsong the Bold. The miracle restored Llarimar's faith and he became Lightsong's high priest.[1] He was so highly trusted that he was one of the few to whom Lightsong entrusted his Lifeless command phrase for a quarter of Hallandren's armies.[7]

Llarimar tended to his duties with fervor and actively encouraged Lightsong to believe in himself. He recorded Lightsong's dreams and his comments on the paintings he looked at, believing his dreams to be prophetic and his comments to have godly meaning. He was strictly obedient to Lightsong and tolerated all his whims without complaint.[3] He knew Lightsong better than anyone else and could point out behavior that was not typical of him.[8]

During the events of the Pahn Kahl rebellion, Llarimar assisted Lightsong in his investigations at Mercystar's Palace. He also helped in the attempt to save Blushweaver.[5] When captured by the rebels, it was only when Llarimar's life was threatened that Lightsong gave up the pass phrase that controlled his contingent of the Lifeless army.[9] Llarimar then confessed the truth to Lightsong about his previous life as a scribe, revealing the details of Lightsong's death and the true nature of their relationship. This confession broke the taboo against revealing details of a Returned's former life, but he hoped that it would restore Lightsong's faith in himself and in the Iridescent Tones.[1]


Listening to Lightsong's dreams

He is the brother and high priest of Lightsong and the father of Tatara. Llarimar loves and respects his brother, who died saving Tatara. Before Lightsong's advent, he was having a crisis of faith; witnessing Lightsong's return restores his faith and lets him take irreverent quips and teasing demeanor with a respectful patience. He is always willing to handle Lightsong's doubts about the theology of the Cult of the Returned, and discuss theology to help Lightsong through whatever questions might be worrying him. Lightsong, in turn, respects his patient temperament and considers him the perfect high priest, though Lightsong feels Llarimar deserves a better god.[2]

His interactions with other people are limited, but he is kind to Siri on the rare occasions they spoke.


You can't get drunk, your Grace.

—Llarimar to Lightsong[10]

You offer hope, Your Grace. A last, unlikely hope. Hope is part of faith—part of the knowledge that someday, one of your followers will receive a miracle.

—Llarimar to Lightsong[11]


  • Llarimar's nickname Scoot is a reference to Scott Franson, one of Brandon's friends.[12]


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