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Parents Llarimar
Relatives Lightsong
World Nalthis
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Warbreaker

Tatara is Llarimar's daughter and Lightsong's favorite niece.[1] She is saved by Lightsong after falling into the ocean while sailing.[2]


Tatara has a youthful face with brown hair and dark tan skin. Lightsong poetically describes her red lips as being "three shades shy of the seventh harmonic, with a deep beauty."[3]


Tatara and Stennimar often went sailing with Llarimar, as it was her father's hobby. During one trip, they borrowed a boat named Red Panther and set sail only to encounter a terrible storm. In the chaos, Tatara left the safety of the cabin to lend help to her father. A massive wave swept Tatara overboard, but Stennimar leapt into the ocean and managed to tie her to a rope despite barely knowing how to swim. Tatara was saved, but at the cost of Stennimar's life. Stennimar eventually Returned as Lightsong the Bold.[1]


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