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Drab is the colloquial name for anyone in Hallandren without a Biochromatic Breath. Terms such as Dull or Faded One are also used.[1]

They become susceptible to diseases that those with Breaths cannot catch. There are also a lot of minor effects caused by the lack of Breath. Drabs cannot be detected by those with Breaths. A person's allure decreases, as does the strength of their immune system. Emotions seem to also be numbed to an extent. A Drab is also incapable of Returning.[2] Many Drabs spend their time trying to earn enough money to buy back a Breath, others--such as some of those that had their Breath given to a Returned--however, cherish their status as a Drab.

If someone is made into a Lifeless before Endowment Returned that person, Endowment's gift of a divine Breath would come down, strike the Lifeless, and 'all kinds of craziness' would occur. They would end up as a 'drab god'.[3]


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