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Died Unknown[1]
Abilities Awakener
Nationality Idrian
World Nalthis
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Warbreaker

Lemex is an Idrian merchant living in T'Telir on Nalthis, and King Dedelin's chief spy in Hallandren.[2] He is in his mid fifties.[1] As head of the spy network, Lemex is the only one besides the king who knows who all the other spies are and what projects they worked on.

Vivenna and Parlin arrange to meet with him when they arrive in T'Telir. Instead they are met by his employees, two mercenaries named Denth and Tonk Fah. The men take Vivenna to see Lemex, who is bed-ridden, feverish and pale. Denth claims Lemex has merely fallen ill, but the Breaths the man had accumulated while living in T'Telir, some five hundred of them, render him immune to all disease. In reality Denth had been poisoning Lemex for some time[3]. Lemex regained lucidity long enough to give his Breaths to Vivenna, despite her protests, then, having lost the Breaths' resistance to poison, he soon died[1].

Denth claims that Lemex was embezzling from Idris, a claim the paperwork in Lemex's house substantiates. King Dedelin funded the purchase of fifty Breaths for Lemex, which gave the man access to court assemblies, and Lemex began fudging numbers in his expense reports, pocketing the extra money and using much of it to buy more and more Breaths for himself[4][5].

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