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Parlin by zoethatcher.jpg
Parents Yarda
Died Tortured and killed by Tonk Fah in 327[1]
Religion Austrism
Nationality Idrian
World Nalthis
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Warbreaker

If you aren't familiar with a place, you need to become familiar with it."

—Parlin to Vivenna[2]

Parlin is an Idrian guardsman from Nalthis. He works as a hunter in Idris for much of his time, but accompanied Vivenna to Hallandren when she went to rescue Siri.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Parlin is a quiet and accomplished hunter who prefers forests and animals to cities and people.[2]

In Idris, Parlin wore dull brown clothing that would help camouflage him in the mountains and forests. In T'Telir, he wore clothing that helped him blend in there: a bright green hat that flopped down the side of his face and colorful vests. He is tall but not lanky[2] and has a square-jawed face.[3]

Like most Idrians, he is a follower of Austre and dresses and acts with self-deprecation. He is terse; he is not rude, but he rarely feels he has much to say. He is solid and reliable. Vivenna fears T'Telir is probably overwhelming him. Crowds make him nervous.[2]

Denth describes Parlin as "quick at adapting to situations" and "trustworthy", making him worth keeping around, though he does admit that Parlin doesn't have the "wit of a scholar."[4]

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

Parlin is a good hunter and scout. He is able to blend into his surroundings and is very observant.[2] He quickly picks up on the customs and mannerisms of the street toughs of T'Telir and adopts both to better blend into the city.[4]


I can’t smell anything but bodies and spices, can’t hear anything but the chatter of people. There’s no wind, no trees, no rivers, just… people.

—Parlin to Vivenna[2]

Before departing, Parlin was guarding the Northern Passes. He acts as Vivenna's bodyguard when she goes secretly to T'Telir after her sister Siri, and is several years Vivenna's senior. He was easy to convince and already knew the route, as he had scouted the wall a year before.[2]

Nevertheless, his skill at blending in with nature translates well to the city. Parlin adopts a brightly colored hat and vest in T'Telir, which Vivenna claims makes him look ridiculous, but Denth points out it simply makes him look Hallandren.[4] Parlin also takes a shine to Jewels at one point[5] which sparks jealousy in Vivenna, though she refuses to admit it when Denth brings it up.[4]

He is tortured to death by the mercenary Tonk Fah when Denth believes Vivenna has run away[1], as only a short time previously he had talked to her on the stairs and she may have confided in him. Denth did not intend for Tonk Fah to kill him, but Tonk Fah got carried away during the torture.[6] His body is then left tied to a chair in the safe house in the slums. It works like bait in a trap because when it is discovered by Vivenna it is here she is taken by Denth and Tonk Fah. Vivenna blames herself for Parlin's death, as she convinced him to come on this mission.[7]


He is the son of General Yarda.

He is the man King Dedelin would have married Vivenna to had she not been promised to the God King.[2] They were close friends throughout childhood.

Vivenna is not in love with Parlin, but she does have affection for him. She views him more as a brother.[8]

He is attracted to Jewels, but she is only amused by him. She is not romantically interested, as she is already involved with Arsteel.[5][8]


Vivenna: "Unfortunately, Parlin, people aren't like animals. "
Parlin: "I am aware of that. Animals make sense. "



  • In early drafts of Warbreaker, Parlin was named Peprin and was much more bumbling and innocent.[9]
  • If Brandon Sanderson could change anything about Warbreaker, it would be to make Parlin a more compelling character. His death should have been more impactful.[10]


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