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Ethnicity Idrian
Capital Bevalis
Ruled by Dedelin
World Nalthis
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Warbreaker

Idris was a country just beyond Hallandren on Nalthis.

Description and Culture[edit]

Idris was drab and relatively devoid of color to reflect the Idrian people's devotion to an unostentatious way of life. Stone walls were whitewashed, and clothing was kept a dull grey or tan as a superstition to prevent Awakeners from using colors to fuel their magic. The kingdom was mostly rural, with most people working as shepherds or farmers. Most people believed in Austre, and it was a custom that all families should send at least one child to work in the monastaries. They considered the Hallandren Gods to be strange and their religion to be untrue, and many told stories of horrible rituals they carried out there. Although the people of Idris could too become Returned, this was a rare occurrence and as the people would not give them Breath as the people of Hallandren did, they would always die again after a week.

They had a monarchal system of government and, at the time of Warbreaker, were ruled by the King Dedelin. Those in the royal family, who ruled or were potential heirs, had the Royal Locks. The Royal Locks are hereditary hair that can change colour according to that person's emotional state, though they can change the colour at will with training and discipline. Those with the Royal Locks can also grow them when they want to but this tires them as if they were using a physical muscle. The Royal family in Idris usually keep their hair black or brown, as other colours such as red or yellow were considered ostentatious.


The capital of Idris was the city of Bevalis. Its roads were unpaved and its houses were stonewalled thatch cottages. The royal palace was a single-story building with a courtyard of packed dirt.[1] It is a small city in comparison to others in Nalthis, with a population number of around a few thousand.[2]

From a young age, children were taught to worship Austre, god of colors, by being as unostentatious as possible. Idrians considered outbursts of emotion to be ostentatious and unseemly, and in fact being seen to be like this became almost a form of pride in itself.


Idris was formed when the royal family was rejected by the people of Hallandren in favor of being ruled by the Returned and fled to the mountains for safety.

Idrian Royal Family



Women chasing runaway geese, men pulling donkeys laden with spring seed, and children leading sheep on their way to pasture.

Siri on people in Bevalis [1]


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