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Nationality Idrian
World Nalthis
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Warbreaker

Mab is a cook from Idris on Nalthis.

She was born in Idris, but left to live in Hallandren during her teenage years, eventually becoming a reputable courtesan in T'Telir. She gave her Breath to a customer with whom she had fallen in love, and he left her afterwards. When she was a Drab, she began to have more trouble finding work, being eventually forced to run a poor whorehouse, while using old contacts to acquire clients. Once she had earned enough money, she bought another Breath and left to go back to Idris, becoming a cook in the kitchens.[1]

She is Siri's friend and maternal figure. She takes a traditional view on religion, gently chiding Siri for being excessively ostentatious in her spontaneity.[2] According to Siri, she has a tendency to fret, and a wisdom to her which goes beyond her cooking abilities.[2]


  • Brandon originally intended her to accompany Siri to T'Telir but it undermined Siri's loneliness.[3]


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