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Nationality Idrian
World Nalthis
Featured In Warbreaker

Thame is an Idrian living in the Hallandren slums on Nalthis[1]

He works for Rira, mostly bringing desperate or inexperienced Idrians into Rira's operations[2], and when he overheard Rira selling information of Vivenna's whereabouts, he decided to go see the Idrian princess for himself[3]. He is interrogated by Denth and Tonk Fah, and then begins operating as a liaison between Vivenna and the Idrian element in T'Telir, arranging meetings for her with some of the Idrian commoners and several of the crime lords[1].

He maintains a loyalty to the Idrian government and a belief in Austrism, though his day to day actions reflect little of these[2].


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