Kalad's Phantoms

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Kalad's Phantoms
Appearance Statues
Magic Awakening
World Nalthis
Featured In Warbreaker

Kalad's Phantoms are an army of Lifeless created by Vasher in the Manywar on Nalthis.

They are known to be a virtually unstoppable force and are rumored to have been hidden at the end of the war. However, as no one managed to locate the army, the idea grew to be disbelieved and soon the phrase only became known as a curse.

They are a form of Lifeless made of human bones encased in stone in the form of massive warriors. Their human shape and bones make them easier to awaken than just stone. Because of their shell, the Phantoms are faster and stronger than other Lifeless, as well as nearly impervious to damage.

At the end of the Manywar, they were disguised as D'Denir statues used to decorate Hallandren, Peacegiver's gift in celebration of the end of the war.

The phrase "Kalad's Phantoms" has entered the vernacular as a curse.[1]


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