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Aliases Bluefingers
Residence T'Telir
Nationality Pahn Kahl
World Nalthis
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Warbreaker

You should watch yourself, child. Not all here in the palace is as it seems.

—Bluefinger to Siri. [1]

Havarseth, better known as Bluefingers[2], is a Pahn Kahl servant to the God King's palace on Nalthis. He is an instrumental player in the Pahn Kahl rebellion.

Appearance & Personality[edit]

He is described as an older man in brown robes who is balding and has a round, pleasant face. His nickname was earned by the fact that his fingers seem perpetually stained with blue ink. [2]


During his time in the palace he serves as head scribe and steward, rather than a priest, due to his lack of faith in the Returned. [3]

In addition to that duty, he provides a measure of guidance to Siri while she is in the God King's palace. He warns her of the dangers of bearing the God King an heir and evokes suspicions within her, which eventually drive a wedge between her and the priests [4], for he knows that if a new God King is elected he and the other Pahn Kahl servants would be dismissed from the ranks they worked so hard to earn, causing them lose all the power they gained. Siri makes a deal with him that promises she will protect the Pahn Kahl servants if he swears to try and get her and the God King out of the palace if the priests choose to move against them. [5]

Eventually it turns out that he betrayed Siri, hoping to help secure independence for his people by leading her and Susebron into a trap, while the palace was in military turmoil. [6] Bluefingers, teaming up with Lifeless, then captures the couple and uses them in his plans to wreak havoc between Idris and Hallandren. He imprisons Susebron and plans to kill Siri. [7]


My name is Havarseth, but everyone just calls me Bluefingers. I am head scribe and steward to His Excellent Grace Susebron, God King of Hallandren. In simpler terms, I manage the palace attendants and oversee all servants in the Court of Gods.

—Bluefingers introducing himself to Siri [2]

All apologies, Vessel, but I'm not a follower of the Returned.

—Bluefinger to Siri on his faith. [3]

As close as any servant considered unholy. I'm not allowed to touch him or speak to him. But, Princess, I've served him all my life. He's not my god, but he's something better. I think these priests look upon their gods as placeholders. It doesn't really matter to them who is holding the station. Me, I've served His Majesty for my entire life. I was hired by the palace as a lad and I remember Susebron's childhood. I cleaned his quarters. He's not my god, but he is my liege. And now these priests are planning to kill him.

—Bluefinger to Siri on serving Susebron. [5]


  • His "almost supernatural sense of time" is not actually magical in nature.[8]


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