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Profession Priest
Nationality Hallandren
World Nalthis
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Warbreaker

I'm a priest of Brightvision the True. I can't betray my oaths!

—Bebid to Vasher

Bebid is a priest, of unknown rank, to Brightvision, who achieved the First Heightening in the Hallandren Court of Gods prior to the Pahn Kahl rebellion.[1]

He meets with Vasher at a restaurant in order to give him information on court politics regarding the movement from a faction in the court to attack Idris. Vasher exerted some sort of influence on Bebid, breaking him, which Bebid believed to have been difficult. He also tells Vasher about Bluefingers when he tells Vasher he is unable to help in his plans, as he moves in the wrong circles to provide the information.[1]


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