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World Nalthis
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Warbreaker

Tedradel is a kingdom on Nalthis.[1] It has existed for at least three hundred years.[1]


Tedradel lies east of the Bright Sea, directly across from Hallandren.[2] Not much is known of Tedradel’s climate, although it is known to be either a mountain, prairie, steppe or a desert climate.[1]



Tedradel is a kingdom, and as such it is ruled by a monarch.[1]

Foreign Policy and International Relationships[edit]


Tedradel’s opinion of Hallandren hasn’t improved much since the Manywar, which saw Hanald, the predecessor of Hallandren, and Tedradel go to war with each other[1][3] Their opinion of Hallandren is low enough that Yarda considers it possible that Tedradel would go to war with Hallandren again, should Idris be attacked.[3]

Tedradel still has many traders in T’Telir,[4] and likely other Hallandren cities as well.


Tedradel has good relations with Idris.[3] These nations also have many similarities, such as in fashion, with both nations preferring covering clothing.[2]



The people of Tedradel have brown skin, and they often have long black beards tied into a cylindrical shape with a leather cord.[2]


Tedradel fashion is similar to Idrian fashion, with dresses being long, covering everything from the ankle to the neck.[2] There is a type of dress sold in Hallandren that is tube-like and tightly fitted.[2]


Tedradel lies on the shores of the Bright Sea, as such they have access to its trade routes.[2][4] They have many traders in Hallandren.[4]

It is possible that they also export fine pottery, as some is to be found in Hallandren that comes from across the Bright Sea, where Tedradel was located.[5]



Tedradel was established at an unknown date before the Manywar.[1]

Tensions with Hanald[edit]

A little more then three hundred years before the Pahn Kahl rebellion, a short time before the Manywar, tensions with Hanald were at an all time high.[1] This was because of two main reasons.

Hanald had a monopoly on the dye trade, which, at the time, was one of the most profitable trades.[1] Other kingdoms, including Tedradel, wished to profit from this trade as well, but Hanald didn’t allow them to.[1]

Hanald also turned its attention to the relatively new art of Awakening.[1] During this time they gained powerful awakeners and Lifeless, which other kingdoms didn’t have.[1] Many different discoveries were made during this time, including the command to make Lifeless with a single breath and Ichor-alcohol. These discoveries allowed nations to build far larger and cheaper armies,[1] and become far more powerful, raising tensions even higher.

At some point, one of the Returned in Hanald had a vision of war.[1] This ended up being the catalyst for a war, as it prompted Strifelover to strike preemptively against the other nations.[1]

The Manywar[edit]

Soon after Kuth and Huth were attacked, Tedradel was dragged into the war, opposing Hanald.[3] It is unknown if they joined the Pahn Unity, although they did fight on the same side.[3] sometime after the destruction of Kuth and Huth Strifelover withdrew his phantoms, taking back control of his own kingdom. He then made peace with the remaining kingdoms, including Tedradel.[1] However, since the Manywar, Tedradel's hatred and animosity towards Hallandren has not lessened greatly.[3]


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