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World Nalthis
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Warbreaker

Tedradel was a kingdom on Nalthis that existed from before the time of the Manywar until the present day. It was located across the Bright Sea from Hallandren.[1]


Tedradel opposed Hallandren in the Manywar,[2] possibly as part of the Pahn Unity. When Vasher withdrew Kalad's Phantoms it was brought out of that conflict along with the rest of the surviving kingdoms.[3] However since the Manywar, Tedradel's hatred and animosity towards Hallandren has not lessened greatly.[2] Tedradel was on good enough terms with Idris that it was considered possible by General Yarda that Tedradel would come to their aid if a conflict erupted between Idris and Hallandren.


The people of Tedradel had brown skin, and traders from there often wore long black beards tied into a cylindrical shape with a leather cord. Tedradel is still on good enough relations with Hallandren that it had traders in T'Telir.[4]

Vivenna wore a dress in a fashion from Tedradel.[1] It was tube-like and tightly fitted. It was a long dress, going from her ankle almost to her neck with full length sleeves.

It is possible that they also export fine pottery, as some was to be found in Hallandren that came from across the Bright Sea, where Tedradel was located.[5]


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