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Bright Sea

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Bright Sea
Type Sea
World Nalthis
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Warbreaker

The Bright Sea is a large, but landlocked, body of water on Nalthis adjacent to Hallandren. T'Telir is built against its shore.[1]


The Bright Sea is its original name. Since Idris split from Hallandren, Idrians call the sea the Inner Sea, to downplay its importance, since Idris was landlocked. Idris and Hallandren usually have different names for geographical features, due to the bad blood between them. However, in many cases, both names stuck, so Inner Sea and Bright Sea are used interchangeably by many.[2][3]


The people of Chedesh sailed the Bright Sea, coming from the east, and first discovered the place that would later be named Hallandren.[4]

Tedradel is also on the far side of the Bright Sea to Hallandren and Idris.[5]

The Pahn Kahl believe that the storms of the Bright Sea are a manifestation of their unity of five gods.[3]


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Due to Vo Returning on the passage to Hallandren, as well as the circumstances of Lightsong's original death, it has been suggested Endowment is somehow related to the Bright Sea. This, however, was RAFO'd.[6]


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