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Profession Slumlord
Religion Austrism
Residence T'Telir
Nationality Idrian
World Nalthis
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Warbreaker

Rira is an Idrian slumlord who lives in T'Telir on Nalthis during the reign of the God-king Susebron.[1]

Appearance & Personality[edit]

But even patriots should earn rewards. Right?


Rira is at least of the First Heightening and possibly of the Third Heightening.[1] He is a handsome man, and dresses sloppily, but in a relaxed way.

Rira is a very wealthy self-indulgent man.[1] However, despite running much of the criminal activity in Idrian slums, he genuinely feels that he has done right by the Idrian people. He claims to have kept them fed, even if it involves illegal or immoral actions. Rira honestly believes that he does more for the Idrians than Vivenna or Idris itself would. Rira is interested in a potential Idrian uprising in Hallandren, but only so far as it helps further his own interests. Rira believes himself a patriot, but also thinks patriots deserve rewards for their service, which disgusts Vivenna.

Rira is still strong in his faith in Austre, chiding Vivenna for ignoring the Five Visions by judging him.[1] He always wears a small Austrin charm of obedience, inscribed with the names of his parents under his shirt.


My father carried me down here from the highlands, Princess. He died working the Edgli fields. I’ve pulled myself up by the pain of my scraped, bleeding hands. I worked very hard to make things better for your people.

—Rira to Vivenna[1]

Rira's father brought him to Hallandren when Rira was very young.[1] His father died working in the dye fields, harvesting the Tears of Edgli. Eventually Rira became part of the Idrian underworld and gained enough power and influence to become considered to be a slumlord. He bought Breath and ran some prostitution operations.

When Vahr attempted to start a rebellion among the dye workers, Rira helped to finance the rebellion, and lost a lot of money when Vahr was captured.[1] Rira was the boss of Thame, who encouraged Vivenna to meet Rira and speak to the Idrians living in T'Telir.[2] When Vivenna met with Rira, as well as Ashu and Paxen, he claimed to be honored to meet her and was curious about what Vivenna had been doing in T'Telir.[1]

However, Rira's interests in an Idrian rebellion were not as pure as Vivenna had hoped.[1] He wanted a promise of Fafen's hand in marriage in order to gain his support for the rebellion. He believed that war between Hallandren and Idris was inevitable. When Vivenna showed disgust for Rira and the others, he claimed that he took care of the Idrians better than Vivenna could do.


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