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World Nalthis
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Warbreaker

Chedesh is a nation on ancient Nalthis, which has a large empire.[1] The people of Chedesh are described as dominating the world in that age. However, their writings are sparse, and they have long faded away in the present day, though Hoid says their memory remains.[1]

The Chedesh people are credited with discovering the tropical, jungle region that would later be Hallandren, along with the Tears of Edgli,[1] though the Pahn Kahl are originally native to the region. Vo was on a Chedesh ship, and Returned along the coast of Hallandren. The people of that ship found a kingdom, which they name Hanald, on the beach that T'Telir is located. Hanald is eventually renamed to Hallandren, its modern name.

The people of Chedesh travel the Bright Sea from the east, opposite from Hallandren, which is a similar description as to where Tedradel is from, so Tedradel could be where Chedesh was originally.


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