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Jewels Jove.jpg
Profession Mercenary
Groups Denth's crew
Nationality Hallandren
World Nalthis
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Warbreaker

“Look, do you think you could just not talk to me? I’d really appreciate it.”

—Jewels to Vivenna after being asked three simple questions[1]

Jewels is a female mercenary from Hallandren and a Drab.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

“'Stop judging me!' Jewels snapped. 'Kalad’s Phantoms take you, woman.'"

—Jewels' response to Vivenna pitying Jewels for being a drab[1]

Jewels is a short woman who is "thick through the thighs and through the bust" with light brown hair that comes down to her shoulders.[2]

She is usually blunt and irritable, which Denth attributes to her inherent personality. Vivenna correctly[3] believes it is caused or exacerbated by her lack of Breath.[4] Jewels hates being judged and abhors being pitied even more. When Vivenna offers Jewels sympathy for her lost breath, Jewels berates her for her high-and-mighty attitude.[1]


Unlike Denth and Tonk Fah, Jewels was from Hallandren, specifically T'Telir and believed in the Iridescent Tones. Jewels comes from a family of eight, with a mother, father, and five siblings. Jewels' parents sold their breath to start a dye business while she was young. Her father slipped and injured his back, preventing him from working, which drove the family to destitution. Seeing the suffering of her starving siblings, she chose to give her Breath to the God King at the age of eleven, which she and her family considered a great honor. For her donation, she was compensated well enough to keep her family fed for a year. This allowed her father to recover, reopen the family dye business, and eventually pass it on to her brothers who currently operate it.[1]

Jewels was a member of Denth's crew.[5] Her function in the team was to direct and maintain Clod, which she put a lot of effort into learning how to do.[2] She originally joined Denth's team to be near Arsteel, with whom she was in love. His death 'unhinged' her a little, and after they turned Arsteel's corpse into a Lifeless, she took over his care and still regularly talked to him, occasionally going so far as to sleep with the Lifeless.[6]

Jewels spent the first few weeks after Vivenna's arrival in the city tailing her and did not meet Vivenna face to face for some time.[7]

After Denth's death, Jewels took Clod to Yesteel in the hopes that he could find some way to restore Arsteel's memory and personality.[8]

Cultural Views[edit]

Jewels is a firm believer in the Hallandren stereotypes about Idrians. She states that she is annoyed by the Idrians' high and mighty attitude and their belief that those from Hallendren are blasphemers. She believes that offering Breath is no worse than offering a child to the Idrian monastery to live a life of eternal servitude.[1]

Jewels believes wholeheartedly that the Returned have the peoples' best interests at heart, and that sacrificing Breath to them is a way to live on inside of the Returned, and that it makes one a part of the kingdom in a way that few others are.[1]



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