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Clod Jove.jpg
Siblings Yesteel
Died Duel with Vasher[1]
Abilities Returned, Lifeless, Cognitive Shadow
Aliases Clod
Profession Scholar
Groups Five Scholars, Denth's crew
World Nalthis
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Warbreaker

Arsteel is the brother of Yesteel and one of the Five Scholars on Nalthis.[2] After his death he was made into a Lifeless named Clod.[1] He is one of the greatest swordsmen of his time.[3]

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

Arsteel was a brilliant duelist-- almost as good as Denth. Vasher's never been able to beat either of them.

Jewels about Arsteel[3]

Arsteel is an incredibly skilled swordsman.[3] Since Lifeless retain some of the skills they had in life, Clod is a significantly more skilled swordfighter than other Lifeless.[1] Additionally, as a result of the Breaths Vasher gave Arsteel right before killing him, Clod is more self-aware than most Lifeless.[4]


Arsteel joined Denth's crew in the hopes of bringing Denth around and orchestrating a reconciliation between him and Vasher.[1]

Though he was the better swordsman, he was killed in a duel with Vasher several months before the events of the Pahn Kahl rebellion in Yarn Dred.[3] Vasher defeated him by suddenly giving him a large quantity of Breath. The arrival of that Breath sent Arsteel into a brief moment of deep pleasure, which distracted him for long enough for Vasher to kill him.[5] He was then made into a Lifeless named Clod by Denth and subsequently looked after by Jewels.[6][7]

In the middle of an unsuccessful meeting with some Idrian slumlords, Clod intervened as he had been Commanded to.[8] Though he was terribly wounded, his nature as Lifeless allowed for Jewels to repair him. After his muscles were sufficiently functional for him to sit up, he attempted to do so, forcing Jewels to Command him to go inactive.[6] In her fear for his life, she slipped up, allowing Vivenna to hear the Command phrase: "Howl of the sun."

After Vivenna escaped from Vasher, she ran into Denth, Tonk Fah, Jewels, and, of course, Clod. Upon seeing the corpses of Parlin and Tonk Fah's various pets she realized the group's true nature and, in a desperate bid to escape, Commanded Clod to attack Denth, which allowed her to run away in the confusion.[9]



Jewels originally joined Denth's team to be near Arsteel, with whom she was in love.[1] His death 'unhinged' her a little, and after they turned Arsteel's corpse into a Lifeless, she took over his care and still regularly talked to him, occasionally going so far as to sleep with the Lifeless.[1]


Arsteel joined Denth's team because he wanted to try to redeem Denth. He felt that a reconciliation between Denth and Vasher was possible, and as a peacemaker, he thought he might be able to make it happen.[1]


  • Brandon has said that the reason Vasher dueled and killed Arsteel might be covered in the Warbreaker sequel.[1] It is known from annotations that Arsteel didn’t set out to duel Vasher intending to kill him, but rather wanted to subdue him and "talk some sense into him." Vasher misinterpreted Arsteel's motives, however, and ended up killing him.[10]
  • Jewels and Clod may return in the sequel, since they went to see if Yesteel could restore some of Arsteel's memory or personality to his Lifeless form.[11]


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