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Siblings Yesteel
Died duel with Vasher[1]
Abilities Returned, Lifeless, Cognitive Shadow
Aliases Clod
Profession Scholar
Groups Five Scholars, Denth's crew
World Nalthis
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Warbreaker

Arsteel is the brother of Yesteel and one of the Five Scholars on Nalthis. [2]

He is one of the greatest swordsmen of their time. [3]

Arsteel joined Denth's team in the hopes of bringing Denth around and orchestrating a reconciliation between him and Vasher. Jewels joined Denth's team because she was in love with Arsteel.[1]

He was killed in a duel by Vasher. He was then made into a Lifeless named "Clod" by Denth and is now looked after by Jewels.[4][5]


Arsteel always got to be the mean one,

Tonk Fah on Arsteel.[6]

It shouldn't have happened. Arsteel was a brilliant duelist— almost as good as Denth. Vasher's never been able to beat either of them.

Jewels on Arsteel's death.[3]

Vasher didn't use the sword. There was no blackness to Arsteel's wounds.

Jewels on Arsteel's death.[3]

You never beat Arsteel.


Brandon has said that the reason Vasher dueled and killed Arsteel might be covered in the Warbreaker sequel.[1] It's known from annotations that Arsteel didn’t set out to duel with Vasher intending to harm him, but because Vasher thought that was the case, Vasher ended up killing him.


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