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Court of Gods
First Glimpse of the God King by Howard Lyon.jpg
Usage Government, Palace
City T'Telir
Nation Hallandren
World Nalthis
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Warbreaker

They hold every single pass to the northern kingdoms! Every workable copper mine! They have military garrisons within striking distance of T’Telir! And they still claim to be ruled by the rightful kings of Hallandren!

—Blushweaver to the Court of Gods[1]

The Court of Gods is the home and parliament of the Returned in Hallandren.[2] While the Returned effectively rule the nation, they are confined inside the walls of this complex in T'Telir, the capital of Hallandren.

The Court of Gods is composed of the God King's palace, a many-roomed building in the center of the court, which holds rooms in every shade of red, green and blue. The rooms had no specific function, as the servants would bring in whatever was desired in whichever room they were in (ex. bath, dining table, bed).[3] Around this structure stand the various Returned's palaces, each in the colors of the Returned who resides within, as well as the priests and staff who care for them. The palaces and the staff were color coordinated to match the colors of the god in residence.[4] The Lifeless barracks are situated at the base of the Court.[5]

The political issues of Hallandren are resolved in the Court Assembly. In order to get in, you'd either need to be favored by one of the gods, be extremely influential (50 Breaths / the 1st Heightening), or win a lottery.[6] Priests are not allowed to talk about court politics.[7]

Bluefingers is the head scribe, who keeps the court running. He oversees all the servants in the Court of Gods.[8]

The Court of Gods is an extravagant place in which every want or need of its Returned inhabitants are met, from luxurious food to exotic performances. The Returned live in luxury until they deem it fit to give their Divine Breath to a person with a need they find worthy. At the time of the Pahn Kahl rebellion, however, most of the Returned are content to live in excess and are apathetic to the wants and needs of the general populace. As such, much of their considerable political power lies with their priests, and no Returned has sacrificed themselves in three years, leading to some resentment among Hallandren's citizens.[1]

The Returned Gods and their Queen are not allowed to leave the Court of Gods.[3]

The Court of Gods controls an army of 40,000 Lifeless soldiers. They are divided them into 4 groups, giving command of 10,000 each to Lightsong, Allmother, Mercystar, and Hopefinder.[1]


At the conclusion of the Manywar around 300 years ago, the Court of Gods formed, as the royals were driven to the highlands.[9]

The Court of Gods formed a treaty with Idris in approximately the year 307, in which King Dedelin would send his daughter to be married to Susebron, the God King. This treaty would further legitimize the Courts claim to rule in Hallandren, as an heir would have the royal blood and presumably Royal Locks (something the people of Hallandren desired).[10]

In the year 327, the Court of Gods was challenged by the Pahn Kahl rebellion. The people of Hallandren were mad at the Gods, who had become complacent and apathetic towards the needs of the people. It had been 3 years since a God had sacrificed their Divine Breath to heal someone.[11] This rebellion was supported by Idris via their spy Lemex, along with several slumlords.[12]

The rebellion was quelled when Bluefingers informed the court of Vahr's location, after which he was captured and tortured in one of their dungeons. He was kept alive as the court desired his breath.[13] His capture and eventual death at the hands of Vasher effectively ended the rebellion.

Around this time, Dedelin decided to send his youngest daughter, Siri, instead of his oldest daughter Vivenna, as the treaty had not stipulated which daughter would be married to Susebron. This agitated the court, spurring more talk of war.[14]

Had Idris sent nobody, it would have meant all out war.[8] The argument against the war was the lands held by the Idrians was undesirable and cold. The main argument for the war was to claim and protect the trade routes, as being cut off from them would lead to full economic collapse in T'Telir.[7]

Siri's arrival started the Wedding Jubilation within the court, which was a weeklong celebration. This marked the first time they'd had a queen in 30 years[3]

A Reacher in Celebrant tries to sell a painting from the Court of Gods to Kaladin for three hundred broams worth of Stormlight. The painting, by Nenefra, seems to Kaladin to depict nine shadows, with a figure kneeling in the middle (the Unmade and Odium's champion). The painting is small, painted from thick strokes of oil. It has red and black colors, and seems sloppy, as if it had been carelessly painted with a knife.[15]


The court holds around 2 dozen gods, including the God King.[2] The Court Assembly has room for around 50 gods.[16]

God Focus Responsibilities Colors
Allmother Matrons and Families Held 1/4 of the Lifeless Army (unknown)
Brighthue (unknown) (unknown) (unknown)
Brightvision Truth Copper & Aqua
Blushweaver Honesty and (self-proclaimed)Beauty Council of social ills Green and Silver
Giftbeacon (unknown) (unknown) (unknown)
Hopefinder Matrons and Families Held 1/4 of the Lifeless Army Violet and Silver
Kindwinds Honesty (unknown) (unknown)
Lifeblesser Healing (unknown) Blue and Silver
Lightsong Bravery Held 1/4 of the Lifeless Army Red and Gold
Mercystar Kindness and Benevolence Held 1/4 of the Lifeless Army Orange and Gold
Mirthgiver Laughter (unknown) (unknown)
Peaceyearning (unknown) (unknown) (unknown)
Stillmark Nobility (unknown) Blue and Gold
Susebron God King King All Colors
Truthcall Nature (unknown) Maroon and Silver
Weatherlove Storms (unknown) Green and Gold

Various past members of the Court of Gods are known.

God Focus Responsibilities Colors
Calmseer (unknown) (unknown) (unknown)
Glorysinger (unknown) (unknown) (unknown)
Susebron the Fourth God King King All Colors


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