Susebron the Fourth

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Susebron the Fourth
Died c. 277[1](dubious - see Death)
Abilities Returned, Awakener, Cognitive Shadow
Titles God King of Hallandren
Residence T'Telir
Nationality Hallandren
World Nalthis
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Warbreaker

Susebron the Fourth, styled His Divine Majesty, is a former God King of Hallandren on Nalthis. Approximately 277 years after the Manywar, he was succeeded by a new God King, also named Susebron.[1]

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

As God King, Susebron the Fourth is a powerful Returned who holds Peacegiver's Treasure, a sum of approximately fifty thousand BioChromatic Breaths.[2] He is one of only a few people in history to reach the Tenth Heightening, the highest level of power among users of BioChroma.[3] His ability to Awaken is presumably limited by Hallandren priests, who remove the tongue of each God King so they cannot not use verbal Commands and deplete Peacegiver's Treasure.[4]


It is possible that Susebron was the son of his predecessor, but it is much more likely that he was stillborn to unknown parents somewhere in the kingdom and then Returned. It is extremely rare for infants to Return, and the priests see it as a sign that the God King should be replaced.[5] He was the fourth king since the Manywar.[6]

Little is known of Susebron the Fourth's rule. He presumably did not have any sons; there was at least one secret method that allowed God Kings to have children, but it did not always work. Around the year 276, he was married. The following year, another infant Returned, and the priesthood decided to install him as the new God King.[5] They claimed that the infant was Susebron the Fourth's son in order to maintain the illusion of a divine royal bloodline.[1]

Susebron the Fourth passed Peacegiver's Treasure on to his successor through an unknown method,[7] although Vasher theorized that God Kings could be trained to use nonverbal Commands since they were of the Tenth Heightening.[8]


A few weeks after transferring most of his Breaths to his "son", Susebron the Fourth is said to have died by voluntarily giving up his divine Breath to cure the residents of T'Telir when they were struck by a plague of distrentia.[1]

The story of Susebron the Fourth curing the plague came from the Hallandren priests, who were known to be deceptive regarding the succession of God Kings. Siri wondered if the priests' version of events was propaganda,[1] and Bluefingers, who admittedly had his own agenda, said that the former God King was not even in T'Telir when the supposed "curing" occurred.[9] Additionally, sacrificing a divine Breath could usually only heal one person, not widespread illness.[8][10]

Former God Kings were known to have been "retired" to islands in the Inner Sea to live out their lives in secret,[2][7] so it is possible that the the plague was stopped through other methods and the priesthood used it as a coverup when they moved Susebron the Fourth out of the city.


Preceded by
God King of Hallandren
unknown to c. 277
Succeeded by
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