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Died Sacrificed her Divine Breath to heal her daughter[1]
Abilities Returned, Cognitive Shadow
Residence T'Telir
Nationality Hallandren
World Nalthis
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Warbreaker

She hadn’t helped the people because she feared that they would stop worshiping, and she had no arrogance of presumed superiority.

Real kindness. Real love. Real mercy.

Calmseer is a Returned from Hallandren on Nalthis.[3] She died by giving away her divine Breath[1] at least three years prior to the marriage between Siri and Susebron.[4][3]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Calmseer was the last honorable Returned this city has known...Nobody left has a shred of her decency. Myself included.


Lightsong often reflects that Calmseer was the most divine among the recent generations of Hallandren Returned. Allmother agrees with him.[5] She truly cared about her followers, and even though she did not give up her divine Breath to solve their problems, she often found other solutions.[2] Allmother emulates this, however it is done out of fear of losing the respect of those who worship her, and not out of authentic concern. Calmseer often spoke to Lightsong of her feelings of guilt at refusing to give her life to grant a petition. He believes it was this guilt that drove her to finally grant a request.[2] This is not true, for she sacrificed her Divine Breath for her daughter, which is the reason for her Returning.

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

As a Returned, Calmseer has a Divine Breath which gives her the benefits of being on the Fifth Heightening. This includes:

  • Aura Recognition - allows her to assess the number of Breaths a person possesses.
  • Perfect Pitch
  • Perfect Color Recognition - allows her to instantly and instinctively determine exact shades of colors and their hue harmonics.
  • Perfect Life Sense - allows her to sense people around him.
  • Agelessness - makes her immune to most toxins and physical ailments, as well as making her functionally immortal.


Before Returning[edit]

Calmseer was a mother who cared for those around her. When her neighbors caught an unnamed disease, resulting in the death of the father of the family, it was Calmseer who continued to care for them. It was because of her efforts that the rest of the family survived. She, however, caught the disease and died.[1] Once dead, she was granted a vision of her daughter dying of the same disease, and given the option to Return and prevent that from happening.[6] She accepted the divine Breath, and Returned as Calmseer.

After Returning[edit]

She was the best of us...She would meet with people all day. They loved her.


She Returned without memories of her previous life or the vision of her daughter's potential death. It would be some time before her daughter caught the disease, and so Calmseer spent several years in the Court of Gods. Her duties included listening to petitions and judging works of art, but she also took Lightsong under her wing and helped him adjust to life as a Returned.[2]

Two years before the Pahn Kahl rebellion, she fulfilled her duties as a Returned and sacrificed her divine Breath in order to heal a young girl. She had dinner with Lightsong and Allmother the night before she gave her Breath away.[5] Lightsong believed that after years of listening to and denying petitions, she finally granted one out of guilt. In fact, the request that Calmseer granted was the reason she Returned in the first place: the petitioner was Calmseer's daughter from her first life, asking for healing from the same disease that killed Calmseer herself. When Calmseer saw her daughter in the petitions line, she remembered her previous life and the reason she Returned, and sacrificed herself to heal her daughter.[1]


Calmseer had a family and a daughter before she became a Returned.[1]

Calmseer was Lightsong's mentor when he first Returned. Lightsong and Calmseer were physically intimate, although their relationship grew out of respect, not love.[7] Blushweaver is aware that Calmseer and Lightsong were sleeping together, and feels slighted in comparison.[3] Calmseer was well regarded by Allmother, and despite Allmother’s low opinion of Lightsong, she often tried to bring the two together.[5]


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