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World Roshar
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

The Ghostbloods are a secret organization on Roshar.[1] Their members are required to get a tattoo of three overlapping diamonds somewhere on their bodies.[2] They appear to be at odds with Amaram and the Sons of Honor.[3]


Presumably, their objective is to seek information about the Desolations and the Parshendi. Because of that they put forth the failed attempt to assassinate Jasnah Kholin, who was their main rival in their search. A man identified with the Ghostbloods was financing Lin Davar in his bid to become Highprince of Veden, Jah Keved. After an unknown Veden Shardbearer attacked Amaram, Amaram speculated that Thaidakar and the Ghostbloods were behind the attack.[4] The unknown shardbearer turned out to be Helaran Davar, Shallan's brother.[Citation needed]


They own a tavern in a warcamp on the Shattered Plains that has a basement. In it there was a display of trophies that Shallan saw, including several enormous gemhearts, a tusk was probably from a whitespine, an eye socket, that looked like the structure of a santhid’s skull, a vial of pale sand, a couple of thick hairpins, a lock of golden hair, the branch of a tree with writing on it, a silver knife, an odd flower preserved in some kind of solution, and a chunk of pale pink crystal that looked like it might be some kind of gemstone. There were also shells that Shallan vaguely recognized. There were no plaques describing any of these mementos.[5]

Known Members[edit]

  • Thaidakar: a high-ranking member referred to as 'master' by Mraize [6]
  • Iyatil: a high-ranking member, purports to be Mraize's master, a worldhopper
  • Mraize: a high-ranking member, student of Iyatil, possibly a worldhopper
  • Shallan Davar: Under the alias of "Veil"
  • Jin: a golden-haired man
  • Kabsal: a member of the Kharbranth Ardentia (deceased)
  • Lin Davar: Shallan's father (deceased)
  • Luesh: The Davar family's steward (deceased)
  • Other unidentified members who visited the Davar estate[6]


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