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World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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The Ghostbloods are a secret organization on Roshar[1], though they are not Rosharan in origin.[2] Members are required to get a tattoo of three overlapping diamonds somewhere on their bodies.[3] They appear to be at odds with Amaram and the Sons of Honor.[4]


Presumably, their objective is to seek information about the Desolations and the Parshendi. Because of that, they put forth the failed attempt to assassinate Jasnah Kholin, who was their main rival in their search. A man identified with the Ghostbloods was financing Lin Davar in his bid to become Highprince of Veden, Jah Keved. After an unknown Veden Shardbearer attacked Amaram, Amaram speculated that Thaidakar and the Ghostbloods were behind the attack.[5] The unknown shardbearer turned out to be Helaran Davar, Shallan's brother.[6]


They own a tenement building in a warcamp on the Shattered Plains that has a basement. In it there was a display of trophies that Shallan saw, including several enormous gemhearts, a tusk was probably from a whitespine, an eye socket that looked like the structure of a santhid’s skull, a vial of pale sand, a couple of thick hairpins, a lock of golden hair, the branch of a tree with writing on it, a silver knife, an odd flower preserved in some kind of solution, and a chunk of pale pink crystal that looked like it might be some kind of gemstone. There were also shells that Shallan vaguely recognized. There were no plaques describing any of these mementos.[7]

Known Members[edit]

  • Thaidakar: a high-ranking member referred to as 'master' by Mraize [8]
  • Iyatil: a high-ranking member, purports to be Mraize's master, a worldhopper
  • Mraize: a high-ranking member, the student of Iyatil, a worldhopper
  • Shallan Davar: under the alias of "Veil" (formerly)
  • Jin: a golden-haired man
  • Kabsal: a member of the Kharbranth Ardentia (deceased)
  • Lin Davar: Shallan's father (deceased)
  • Luesh: the Davar family's steward (deceased)
  • Other unidentified members who visited the Davar estate[8]


Attempted Murder of Jasnah Kholin[edit]

The Ghostbloods have made several attempts to murder Jasnah Kholin, and claims that she has had a number of their members assassinated as well. When Jasnah spent time in Kharbranth to study the Voidbringers, a Ghostblood agent named Kabsal infiltrated the local Ardentia in order to kill Jasnah. He used her young ward Shallan Davar to get close to Jasnah, which led to them forming a relationship. As Kabsal attempted to poison Jasnah with bread, he was inadvertedly killed when Jasnah soulcasted his antidote, believing that to be the poison. Jasnah later found the Ghostblood tattoo on Kabsal's arm.

When Jasnah left Kharbranth, the Ghostbloods planted at least one operative aboard the ship Wind's Pleasure on the journey from Kharbranth to the Shattered Plains. That operative, along with other men Shallan did not recognize,[9] attempted to murder Jasnah. They thought they'd succeeded, but in reality, Jasnah had escaped to Shadesmar by Elsecalling.[10][11]

Jasnah assumes that she was targeted because of her Radiant oaths.[11]

Recruiting Shallan Davar[edit]

The Ghostbloods were sought out by Shallan Davar, who, under the disguise of Veil, wanted to investigate them. Shallan met with Mraize and Iyatil in a Ghostblood hideout located in Sebarial's warcamp, and managed to trick them into believing that she was sent there by Tyn. Mraize, unaware that Tyn was dead, ordered Shallan to tell Tyn to investigate the quarters of Meridas Amaram. Shallan succesfully performed this task, and brought her findings to Mraize, which led to her accidentally revealing her photographic memory. Mraize then deduced that Tyn was dead, killed by Shallan, but commended her for it. He then told her that she could get a place among the Ghostbloods if she completed one more task for them. However, he also allowed other Ghostbloods to attempt to murder her if they wanted to. Shallan managed to avoid the attempts on her life, and carried out her next task, to investigate Taln's presence in the warcamp of Dalinar Kholin, to a satisfactory manner, which led to her being offered an official membership in the organization.

After the Battle of Narak, and the subsequent discovery of Urithiru, Mraize confronted Shallan, and revealed that he had figured out her real identity as Lin Davar's daughter, Jasnah Kholin's ward, and a Knight Radiant with the ability to Soulcast. Mraize reminded her of her family's debt to the Ghostbloods, and also revealed that Ghostblood agents had rescued her brothers from the civil war in Jah Keved, and would bring them safely to Urithiru. The Ghostblood operatives succeeded, and the Davar brothers arrived in Urithiru after the Battle of Thaylen Fields.

Spying on Ialai Sadeas[edit]

The Ghostbloods wished to keep an eye on the activities of House Sadeas, and Mraize was personally spying on them, acting as a guard to Ialai Sadeas in Urithiru.

Cleansing Urithiru[edit]

Mraize asked Shallan to investigate the wrongness in Urithiru, which she was already sensing.[12] This led her to find, confront, and defeat the Midnight Mother.[13]

Recruiting Sja-anat[edit]

During her wedding, Shallan is instructed in a letter from Mraize to recruit Sja-anat into the Ghostbloods.[14]

Bringing other forms of Investiture to Roshar[edit]

The Ghostbloods have plans to commercialize Investiture on a much larger scale than what happened on Scadrial. In these efforts they bring sand from Taldain, Seons from Sel, and Aviars from First of the Sun to Roshar. They also want to use the Oathgates to facilitate the trade of these items on Roshar, as they would not need to rely on perpendicularities.

This intent seems to align with the malicious group of Ones Above mentioned in Sixth of the Dusk, and they could use it as an opportunity to get Aviars without using the dangerous perpendicularity of Patji.


  • The name of the Ghostbloods means something, and has roots in specific cosmere events.[15]
  • The Ghostbloods would actively recruit from the Seventeenth Shard, particularly from their field agents.[16]
  • They are not working together with the Seventeenth Shard.[17]
  • The Ghostbloods have had interactions with Autonomy.[18]
  • The Ghostbloods find Hoid intriguing.[19]
  • The Ghostbloods do not trust the Sleepless. They are worried about having their organization taken over.[20]


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