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Tyn portrait.jpg
by Sheep
Died Ishanah 1173[1]
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Tyn is a con artist and associate of the Ghostbloods.[2]

She is lighteyed and of medium height with a wiry build.[3] Her hair is black and at least shoulder-length.[4]

She was the head of the guards for Macob's caravan.[5] It was during this time that she took Shallan Davar under her wing, and started to train her as a con artist.[2]

She was also the one who tried to assassinate Jasnah Kholin on behalf of the Ghostbloods. When she found out that Shallan was Jasnah's ward, she also tried to kill Shallan, but Shallan fought back and summoned her Blade and killed Tyn.[6]

Shallan remembers killing Tyn at multiple times.[7][8] She noted many of the bar patrons in the Breakaway had the confidences of Tyn.[9] Employing Ishnah to help her learn more than she did from Tyn.[10]


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