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Now, as the Truthwatchers were esoteric in nature, their order being formed entirely of those who never spoke or wrote of what they did, in this lies frustration for those who would see their exceeding secrecy from the outside; they were not naturally inclined to explanation; and in the case of Corberon's disagreements, their silence was not a sign of exceeding abundance of disdain, but rather and exceeding abundance of tact.
—From Words of Radiance, chapter 11, page 6


Plot Summary
Ishevan 1173

Kaladin walks through the Shattered Plains at night to the plateau where he encountered Wit a few weeks previously. Kaladin verifies that no one can see him, and he steps off the plateau into a chasm.

After landing at the bottom, he runs through the chasm, with Sylphrena alongside him. He tries to jump onto a wall but fails and lands on the ground. Sylphrena offers some advice, and Kaladin agrees that he has to practice to be able to fight and lash as well as Szeth.

Kaladin realizes he has to get over fear of injury and is able to jump on the wall without stumbling or falling, then back onto the floor.

Kaladin becomes more comfortable in jumping between the ground and walls and tells Sylphrena that everything about himself changed to allow this.

Kaladin runs along the walls and leaps chasms and plateaus, draining all his gems and glowing with stormlight. Sylphrena follows him along with dozens of windspren.

Kaladin lashes himself over the plateaus and hovers in place, noticing a pattern in the plains beneath him. As he stays in the same place, the windspren leave him. Kaladin asks if Sylphrena was with him as a child and she says yes and no. Kaladin says that all his skill was due to her, but she says that it was due to both of them, which Kaladin accepts. Sylphrena says that Szeth's weapon is special and was made to give abilities to men in the same way their bond does. Kaladin asks if a new unstained blade can be forged and Syl says yes but doesn't say how. Syl confronts Kaladin on informing Dalinar about Moash's patriot friends and Kal replies that he wants to consider it some more first. He walks toward Sadeas' camp and contemplates killing Amaram for his role in Tien's death, but Syl gets him to reconsider in light of his accomplishments that evening. Returning to his barracks, he finds Shen there, who says that he has to leave immediately, and Kaladin permits it, saying he a free man. Shen says his real name is Rlain, and that he thinks Kaladin is a good man.

Shallan walks through Sadeas' warcamp disguised as a messenger boy. Shallan enters Amaram's manor after passing a checkpoint guarded by Hav.

Shallan waits for a maid and a man to leave the manor grounds, then changes her clothing and disguise to impersonate her, and enters the manor.

Shallan enters the kitchen, trying to imitate the maid's mannerisms. The cook addresses her and gives her tasks to do, and Shallan just nods without speaking so as to not blow her cover. Shallan almost runs into Amaram who she thought wasn't going to be in his home, and panics. She follows Amaram toward the room she wants to enter, and confronts him, saying that a messenger is waiting outside to give him a message, and he leaves to investigate. Shallan asks Pattern to pick the lock and she enters the shuttered room which turns out to be filled with maps.

Shallan asks Pattern to act as lookout while she peruses the maps and predictions for highstorms. She takes memories of the maps which focus on the Shattered Plains and are more detailed than any she had seen before. She also deciphers the handwritten stormwarden glyphs though she is puzzled by them as they aren't meant to form sentences, and realizes that Amaram intends to find out from the Parshendi how to return the Voidbringers, and to reach the center of the Shattered Plains before Dalinar's army. She theorizes that Jasnah, the Ghostbloods and Amaram all are interested in the same things. She also realizes that she has to avoid alerting Amaram that his private room was infiltrated.

Shallan returns to the kitchen disguised as Amaram using Pattern to imitate the brightlord's voice. She tells the cook that Telesh was on a secret mission for Amaram and that the cook is to pretend that she knows nothing of where Telesh was that evening and to not mention this conversation to Amaram at any point. Shallan then leaves the manor and changes her guise back to that of the messenger boy and returns to the front of the building as Hav and Amaram walk up. She says she has a message from Shallan Davar to request a time to sketch his shardblade to which Amaram acquiesces. Amaram summons his shardblade and Shallan realizes that it used to belong to her brother, Helaran.

Shallan requests the background of the shardblade and Amaram lies and says he got it from a young Veden man who tried to assassinate him, and she thinks that Amaram killed Helaran. She then takes her leave, realizing that Helaran was caught up in the conspiracy.


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