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This is a day-by-day timeline of events for Words of Radiance. The bulk of the work was accomplished by Cheese Ninja on the 17th Shard.[1]

Chapter timestamps of "XXX years ago" or "XXX and a half years ago" can generally be assumed to be accurate within a quarter of a year, this has been denoted in the table.[2]

Year Month Week Day Chapters Events Notes
1167 ~9
? ? WoR-Prologue King Gavilar is assassinated. [3]
~1167 ~9
? ? WoR-10 Shallan kills her mother. [4]
~1168 ~4
? ? WoR-19 Helaran visits, reveals Shardblade, and threatens his father. Shallan speaks for the first time since her mother's death. [5] [6]
? ? WoR-27 Shallan sees the strongbox where her mother's "soul" is hidden. [7]
~1169 ~10
? ? WoR-39 Redin interrupts a feast and interrogates Lin Davar. [8]
~1170 ~5/6 ? ? WoR-45 Shallan meets Hoid during Middlefest. [9]
? ? WoR-48 Shallan saves Jushu from his gambling debts. [10] [11]
1172 ~5
? ? WoR-61, WoR-65 Lin confronts Balat over his planned bride, then orders Helaran's assassination. Shallan convinces Balat to run away. [12] [13]
10 ~7/8 ? WoR-73 Shallan kills her father. [14] [15]
1173 9 6 5 WoR-1, WoR-2 Highstorm [16] [17]
7 1
3 WoR-3 Shallan draws Pattern [18]
8 1 WoR-4 Highstorm. First instance of the countdown. [16] [19]
2 WoR-5 Dalinar gives permission to Adolin to begin dueling again, announces he wants to re-found the Knights Radiant. [20]
3 WoR-6, WoR-7, WoR-8 Wind's Pleasure is attacked. Dalinar goes on plateau run. [21] [22]
4 WoR-9, WoR-11, WoR-12 Shallan washes ashore. Amaram arrives on the Shattered Plains. [23] [24]
5 WoR-11, WoR-13 Shallan joins Tvlakv's caravan. [23]
9 1 Highstorm [16]
5 WoR-14, WoR-15 Adolin duels using Ironstance. Shallan confronts Tvlakv. [25] [26] [27]
10 1 WoR-16, WoR-17, WoR-18, WoR-20, WoR-21, WoR-22, WoR-23 Highstorm. Renarin begins training, Rlain requests a spear, Shallan recruits the deserters and saves the merchants. Railing assassination attempt. [25] [24] [28] [29] [27] [16]
4 Highstorm [16] [30]
5 WoR-24, WoR-25 Shallan starts to train with Tyn. Bridge Four starts learning to ride horses [31] [32] [33]
10 1 1
5 Highstorm [16]
2 1
3 WoR-28 Shallan and Kaladin meet. Boots! [34] [35]
4 WoR-30 Shallan draws Yalb and Shalash drawings, discusses betrothal with Tyn, and investigates lait. [36]
5 WoR-31, WoR-32, WoR-33, WoR-34, WoR-I-5, WoR-I-6, WoR-I-8 Thude arranges meeting between Alethi and Parshendi. Highstorm. Eshonai enters stormform, Szeth attacks, Shallan kills Tyn. [16] [37] [38] [39] [40]
3 1 WoR-35, WoR-36, WoR-37, WoR-38, WoR-40, WoR-41, WoR-42, WoR-43 Shallan enters the warcamps. Adolin arranges duel with Elit. Kaladin learns to bind Gravitation, and that Moash was complicit in the railing assassination attempt. Renarin joins Bridge Four. Shallan meets with the Ghostbloods for the first time. [39] [35] [41] [42] [43]
5 WoR-46 Kaladin gives Rlain a spear. Kaladin and Moash meet with Graves [44]
4 1 WoR-47, WoR-49, WoR-50 Pattern decodes the Dawnchant. Shallan experiments with Lightweaving. Shallan and Adolin have a date watching a Highstorm approach. [16] [45] [46]
2 WoR-51, WoR-52 Adolin meets with Eshonai. Shallan infiltrates Amaram's manor. Kaladin trains in the Surge of Gravitation. Rlain leaves warcamps for Narak. [40] [46] [47] [44]
3 WoR-53, WoR-54 Adolin duels Elit. Shallan reports on her infiltration of Amaram's manor to the Ghostbloods. [41] [48] [49] [50]
4 WoR-55 Adolin, Shallan, and Kaladin go to the menagerie. Hoid. [49]
5 WoR-56, WoR-57, WoR-58 Adolin duels the four Shardbearers. Kaladin is thrown in prison. [48] [51]
5 1
3 WoR-59 Adolin imprisons himself. Wit visits Kaladin in prison, telling the Fleet story. [51]
6 1 WoR-I-11, WoR-60 Eshonai seizes control from the Five. Shallan figures out Stormseat is located on the Shattered Plains, and how to attach illusions to Pattern. [52] [53] [54]
3 Highstorm [16]
4 WoR-62 Dalinar visits Kaladin in prison. [55]
5 WoR-63, WoR-64 Shallan meets "Taln". [56]
7 1
4 WoR-66 Kaladin is released. Moash begins bonding a Shardblade. [57]
8 1
2 WoR-67 Dalinar's visions are made public. [58]
3 WoR-68, WoR-69, WoR-70 Scouting expedition out onto the Plains. Shallan and Kaladin fall into the chasms. They are chased by a chasmfiend. [57] [59] [60]
4 WoR-70, WoR-71, WoR-72, WoR-74 Kaladin and Shallan slay chasmfiend. During Highstorm Stormfather confronts Kaladin over Syl's death. [16] [60] [61]
5 WoR-75, WoR-76, WoR-77 Kaladin and Shallan emerge from the chasms. Dalinar's expedition leaves. Amaram's treachery is revealed. [62] [63]
9 1 WoR-77 The Weeping begins. Shallan reads Words of Radiance. Moash visits Kaladin. [64]
4 WoR-78 Shallan reveals her Lightweaving to Dalinar. Stormform patrol is discovered. Rlain surrenders. [65] [66]
5 WoR-79 Rlain is questioned. [66] [67]
10 1
2 WoR-80 Dalinar, the other Highprinces, and Shallan discuss their plan of attack. Elhokar meets with Kaladin. [68] [69]
3 WoR-81, WoR-82, WoR-83, WoR-84, WoR-85, WoR-86, WoR-87, WoR-88 Battle of Narak and summoning of the Everstorm. The Stormfather hastens a Highstorm. Urithiru is rediscovered. Kaladin thwarts assassination attempt on Elhokar. [67]
1174 1 1 1 Lightday. Navani begins her entries in her journal.
3 WoR-89 Dalinar swears the second ideal of the Bondsmiths. Renarin reveals he is a Truthwatcher. [70] [71]

Chapters not included:


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