Summary:Words of Radiance/Interlude I-7

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Plot summary

Bordin speaks to Elhokar and Dalinar of his journey with Wit to transport a seeming madman to the Shattered Plains, as the madman listens on and thinks of various torments that he has undergone. The madman identifies himself as Talenel'Elin, Herald of War, and speaks of the desolations wiping out past knowledge and of the other Heralds helping to prepare the world for the Time of the Return and Desolation, though his audience can barely understand him since he is speaking inaudibly with a northern Alethi accent. Bordin says the madman just dropped his shardblade and that his eyes were always dark. Bordin suggests sending the madman to the ardents to take care of him. The madman comments that the coming days will be difficult but humanity will survive, and that he must be brought to their leaders. Dalinar says he has a use for the shardblade and needs Bordin's assistance as well. The madman comments that he thinks he is late this time and asks himself how long had it been.


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