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My path has been chosen very deliberately. Yes, I agree with everything you have said about Rayse, including the severe danger he presents.

Plot Summary
Ishakan 1173

Dalinar and Navani watch two armies return from a gemhunt, and one of their guards leaves to get a status report. Dalinar thinks how disciplined bridge four is, and how Kaladin fit the ideal of the type of officer that Dalinar looked for. Navani talks about possible usages for fabrials and how gemstones weren't always used to bond shardblades, a fact which alters their understanding of shardblades. As she talks, he thinks about his more urgent preparations for their expedition to the Shattered Plains. She notices his distracted state and comments on it, then expresses her ongoing grief for the loss of Jasnah and Dalinar comforts her. Navani asks how Dalinar coped when shshshsh died, but he doesn't answer, though he thinks how he couldn't remember his wife anymore due to a hole in his memories. Dalinar mentions the secrets hidden by Gavilar and Navani says she will try to find something in her journals about that, though she has already checked many times. Dalinar says their immediate concern is the feast they are attending, and Navani admonishes him to try to be encouraging instead of contemptful of the other highprinces, before they separate to the gender segregated islands of the feast.

Dalinar goes to the king's island, noticing that people seem to be paying more attention to him as he walks by. Dalinar steps up to Vamah and inquires about his gemhunt strategy, but Vamah's response is interrupted by several people laughing nearby, and Dalinar leaves to investigate, ending up face to face with Aladar and Sadeas. Dalinar confronts them but they feign ignorance and walk away. Dalinar looks around for someone else to question, then hears Wit welcome Amaram to the feast with insults, though Amaram responds in a friendly manner. Dalinar asks Amaram about some papers being distributed, but is constantly interrupted by Wit's remarks until Dalinar and Amaram walk away from him. Amaram tells Dalinar that the papers have accounts of Dalinar's visions as dictated to Navani. Dalinar tells Amaram to bring Navani to him but she is already heading to him. Dalinar asks Amaram's opinion and he replies that he thinks the visions are authentic and meaningful for their roles as recreators of the Radiants. Dalinar asks about Taln, and Amaram replies that he is still investigating. Amaram also comments on his lack of faith in Kaladin's ability to protect Dalinar and that he would like an apology from him. Navani brings some of the papers, and tells Dalinar that the words and tone were changed to make it seem that Navani was humoring Dalinar by transcribing the visions, and that a mocking commentary was added. Dalinar asks if the visions were changed and Navani replies that they were not, and Dalinar says he will not be bothered by this attempt to embarrass him, and he quotes from The Way of Kings to shield himself from ridicule. Dalinar stands on a table to address the crowd and says that the accounts of the visions are accurate, despite the mocking tone and commentary, and that in the future he will have the accounts of his visions published for scholars to investigate. He vows that he will be vindicated instead of broken and says that he will talk to each of them individually and ask them to speak their minds to his face instead of anonymously.

Dalinar sits down to rest after hours of politicking and talking up his expedition to the Shattered Plains. Wit approaches and compliments Dalinar on his approach to dealing with the insults. Wit implies that Dalinar outshines Elhokar in importance, and Dalinar asks if he is a tyrant, and Wit replies that he is but that he is a benevolent one, which is preferable to a weak ruler, and what the world needs currently. Wit said that what was done to unify the kingdom years ago was good work, but Dalinar complains about how weak the kingdom is because of the means they used in unification, and that more than beneficial tyranny is needed according to Nohadon. Wit cryptically comments that he has to go somewhere but he doesn't know why, and when asked, denies that he is a Radiant or Herald, and that their goals do not completely align and that Wit will watch the world crumble and burn to get what he needs, though not happily, and that Dalinar can't trust Wit. Wit says that he will try to help carefully but must avoid being destroyed by Dalinar's enemy, the father of hatred.


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