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Chapter 7: Open Flame
Shallan's Chapters.svg
Words of Radiance Summary
Follows Chapter 6: Terrible Destruction
Precedes Chapter 8: Knives in the Back - Soldiers on the Field
Viewpoint Shallan
Word Count 2,217


I was unprepared for the grief my loss brought—like an unexpected rain—breaking from a clear sky and crashing down upon me. Gavilar's death years ago was overwhelming, but this... this nearly crushed me.

—From the journal of Navani Kholin, Jesesach 1174

Plot Summary[edit]

Tanatakach 1173

Shallan wakes up in a panicked state, and rushes out of her cabin into the passageway. She sees three men holding torches with their backs to her, and one of them throws Jasnah's body to the deck, then stabs her through the heart. She screams, recognizing one of the men as a new sailor, and returns to her cabin, locking the door. The men break down the door, but fail to see Shallan as she manages to draw in stormlight then create an illusion of shadow to hide in, and another visible moving image for them to chase to another part of the ship. She sends Pattern to spy and he tells her the regular sailors are being killed on the main deck. She makes her way to Jasnah's cabin, surprised to not trip over her mentor's body in the dark. She finds Jasnah's chest and opens it to access her spheres, and hears as the sailors are being murdered. Shallan tells Pattern she wants to soulcast the bottom of the ship to sink it and use the confusion to help the sailors, and Pattern intercedes, giving her passage to Shadesmar. Pattern is there also, appearing like a symbol-head. He tells her to find the bead representing the Wind's Pleasure and persuades it to change and sink so that it can possibly save some of the sailors that it serves. Shallan returns to the physical plane and the sinking ship, and starts going under as she can't find the way out, then something grabs her, dragging her down.


  • Shallan Davar (Point of view)
  • The unnamed new crew member
  • Two companions of the new crew member


Aboard the Wind's Pleasure.


Chapter Header[edit]

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