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Plot Summary
One and a half years ago

Shallan is in her room. Not two hours have passed since her father ordered Helaran's assassination, and a pair of guards have been stationed outside in the hallway. She suspects the guards are there to keep her stepmother from trying to flee, though she doesn't even know whether Malise is still alive. She quietly slips from her room and walks toward the guards, hands trembling. She doesn't know them, all of the guards she'd grown up with have been replaced. One of the men puts his hand up to stop her, but she keeps walking, insisting that her father will need her. As she passes her father's door, she can hear Malise softly weeping.

Shallan finds her father slumped at the high table in the feast hall, but slips into the kitchen before he notices her. She mixes his favorite drink; deep violet wine warmed and spiced with cinnamon. When she returns to the feast hall and gives it to him, she looks into his eyes. She doesn't see the darkness there, which is very rare these days. Lin complains that no one listens to him, and that his house should support him. Shallan tells him that she'll speak with them and goes outside into the night air.

She finds Balat laying on a bench in the gardens. He's been ripping the claws off of cremlings again. Shallan tells him that their father can't control himself anymore, and that he ordered the assassination of Helaran. They make a plan for Balat and Malise to escape with a letter from Shallan to warn their brother.

Shallan then returns to the house and goes to her father's sitting room. The guards stop her, but she holds her ground despite her fear, and they eventually let her pass. This is the first time she's entered this room in years, and she has to raise a hand to shade her eyes against the light coming from behind the painting. It is blinding to her and she wonders how anyone can stand it. Malise, curled up in a chair with her lip split and her arm broken, says that Lin will kill them all. Shallan starts treating the wounds, and tells her stepmother about the escape plan. As shallan is about to leave, Malise asks her "If I go, and Balat with me, who will he hate? Who will he hit? Maybe you, finally? The one who actually deserves it?" Shallan just replies, "Maybe."

  • In the beginning of the chapter we see Shallan reading one of Jasnah's books. It is about women in the modern world and the roles society tries to place them in.


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