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Plot Summary
Ishahach 1173

Kaladin feels claustrophobic in his prison cell. Kaladin asks Sylphrena if she would help him break out if he wanted to and she says yes, but then inquires why he would break out since he entered there willingly. He hears a disturbance but isn't able to find out what causes it. He says he won't be executed and that he doesn't trust Dalinar anymore because Dalinar allowed his imprisonment and that he is the same as the other lighteyes. Sylphrena asks him to repeat that and he is unable since he can't easily lie to his spren. Kaladin speaks out against Elhokar, saying the kingdom would be better off without him, and says that this is no different than when he was a slave, and Sylphrena doesn't contradict him.

Wit appears, sitting on a bench outside his cell, tuning a musical instrument and mentioning his perfect pitch and saying that he came for the story that he previously requested at their last meeting. Kaladin says he isn't in the mood but after some verbal sparring, Wit starts playing his instrument which affects Kaladin internally. Wit asks Kaladin to close his eyes and describe what he sees, and Kaladin thinks of a race, and says as such, and Wit sings lyrics that rhyme and repeat Kaladin's story in musical form, accompanying with his instrument. As Wit sings the story of Fleet, Kaladin pictures it in his mind, and each time Wit pauses, Kaladin tells Fleet's tale for Wit to expound upon. Fleet races against a highstorm from the eastern sea to the lands of Shinovar and reaches safety but dies due to his effort, causing the storm to stop, though Fleet's soul then rises to win the race and ride the winds thereafter. Wit tells Kaladin about the nature of stories and accepts the ending that Kaladin gave this tale and asks Kaladin what the meaning of this story was. Kaladin says that the storm caught Fleet, and Wit says the storm catches everyone and does it matter, and Kaladin says he doesn't know. Wit says thats good since Kaladin now has something to ponder on.


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