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Chapter 26: The Feather
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Words of Radiance Summary
Follows Chapter 25: Monsters
Precedes Chapter 27: Fabrications to Distract
Viewpoint Adolin

They blame our people
For the loss of that land.
The city that comes once covered it
Did range the eastern strand.
The power made known in the tomes of our clan
Our gods were not who shattered these plains.

—From the listener Song of Wars, 55th stanza

Plot summary

Adolin and Jakamav lead an Alethi charge against the Parshendi to capture a gemheart on a pyramid shaped plateau. Jakamav mentions that Adolin isn't supposed to be there and observes that Dalinar is trying to increase cooperation between the highprinces. Adolin and Jakamav reach the crysalis but they are too late as Eshonai already retrieved the gemheart and gave it to other parshendi who escaped with it. Eshonai tells Adolin that she wants to parlay with Dalinar. Adolin agrees to tell Dalinar and Eshonai says that a messenger will be sent.

Adolin checks on Renarin and finds out from a guard that Renarin intended to join battle at one of the bridges but had one of his fits after he summoned his shardblade.

Jakamav comments that Adolin will eventually lose a duel but Adolin complains that he is having difficulty getting anyone to accept a duel. Jakamav reveals that Sadeas has been bribing people to refuse duels but says that Adolin should try challenging Eranniv. Adolin asks to talk about his relationship problems at a winehouse that evening but Jakamav declines, stating that it is not popular to be seen around Adolin due to Dalinar's proclamations.

Adolin stalks off, frustrated, to ride his horse. Renarin tells Adolin that he didn't have a fit when he froze on the battlefield and that it was simply fear. Adolin notices Renarin isn't wearing his glasses. Renarin comments cryptically that they need to be ready for the coming storm.


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