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Nationality Alethi
Homeworld Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Introduced In The Way of Kings

Brightlady Inkima is a woman on Roshar who lived in the Alethi warcamps at the Shattered Plains.[1]

She accompanies Jakamav to a wine tasting in the Outer Market with Adolin Kholin and several other lighteyes. (including Danlan Morakotha, Toraland Inkima)[1] Later, Adolin invites her and Jakamav to a second wine bar but was rebuffed due to the Kholins' ill favor after the Battle of the Tower.[2]

Inkima is a plump woman with yellow eyes and hair that she dyed black, indicating that she is likely not of pure Alethi blood.[1] The color red did not suit Inkima, in Adolin's opinion. She has a tinkling laugh that Adolin found obnoxious. Inkima seems to be quite taken with Jakamav, laughing at everything he said.[1]

She is an acquaintance of Prince Adolin Kholin, and accompanied Toral and some other young lighteyes (including Danlan Morakotha, Jakamav and Inkima)


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