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Jakamav hammer.jpg
Abilities Shardbearer (formerly)
Groups Roion army
Residence The Alethi warcamps
Nationality Alethi
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Jakamav is a lighteyes of the third dahn from Highprince Roion's camp[1] and one of his various landlords.[2]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Jakamav is a sturdy Alethi man with pale green eyes.[1][2]

He has an infectious laugh and seems to attract friends and women fairly easily.[2] He does not find the concept of marriage appealing.[2] Adolin counts him as a friend, and Jakamav fights by his side and provides him with advice.[2] However, Adolin later realizes that Jakamav's reputation is more important to him then actually supporting Adolin.[2] Jakamav openly questions Dalinar's actions in front of Adolin on several occasions[1][2] and proves willing to betray Adolin for Shards.[3][4]

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

He owns green painted Shardplate[3] and uses a Shardhammer in battle.[2] He does not own a Shardblade but is capable of using one, having trained with borrowed Blades.[3] He would likely be able to win a Shardblade in a duel, but his house does not want to risk his Plate.[3] He experiences the Thrill in battle and enjoys fighting the Parshendi.[2]

Although Roion's army won the fewest gemhearts among the highprinces,[5] Jakamav's status as a landlord and Shardbearer presumably make him fairly wealthy. He has stewards who attend to him after battles.[2]

He is among the best duelists in the warcamps, and trained alongside Adolin.[3][6] However, he is overconfident; he once refused Zahel's offer to train him to fight off a spearman with a knife, laughing at the idea that a Shardbearer would ever fight knife to spear.[6]


Jakamav presumably lived on the Shattered Plains from a relatively young age. He trained under Zahel with Adolin.[6]

He accompanied Inkima to a wine house in the Outer Market for a tasting with Adolin Kholin, Danlan Morakotha, Toral, and Eshava. Inkima seemed quite taken with Jamakav, giggling at most of his comments, even the unfunny ones.[1] He was still seeing Inkima some time later, although he seemed to have a negative view of long-term relationships.[2]

Jakamav was part of Roion and Ruthar's plateau run which Adolin assisted with. Both men ended up climbing a cliff face during the battle to fight Parshendi, but they did not find a gemheart, instead encountering Eshonai. Adolin wanted to fight her, although Jakamav preferred to retreat. Afterwards, he told Adolin that someone (presumably Torol Sadeas) had been making promises to Shardbearers so that they would refuse duels with Adolin. Jakamav advised Adolin that there was a chance that Eranniv would accept a challenge. He also told Adolin that it would be bad for his reputation to be seen with him, due to growing unease among the other highprinces with regard to Dalinar.[2]

He was among the many Shardbearers present at a meeting of the Alethi highprinces regarding the danger of the Assassin in White. Jakamav was accompanying Roion as part of his guard against a potential assassination attempt.[7]

Disadvantaged Duel[edit]

Jakamav was one of the three Shardbearers who joined Relis Ruthar in his duel against Adolin, and was most likely promised a share of the spoils should Adolin have been defeated. He was armed with a King's Blade that Relis had borrowed. Adolin initially managed to hold his own, but Jakamav waited for an opportune time to join the fight and overwhelm him. Jakamav and the other Shardbearers might have killed or permanently injured Adolin if Renarin had not appeared in the arena and distracted them. When Adolin asked Jakamav why he was participating, he did not respond.[3]

After Kaladin subsequently joined the fight, Jakamav continued to attack Adolin, scoring several hits on his Plate. He also engaged Kaladin, who was able to block his blows using a shield improvised from a helm. Jakamav was the last of Relis's team to remain in the duel, but he was eventually forced to yield when Adolin wrestled him to the ground and Kaladin pressed a knife to an opening in his armor. He was annoyed that Adolin and Kaladin resorted to grappling tactics in order to win, but they did not break any rules. Jakamav lost his Plate in the duel and was not heard from again in the warcamps.[4]


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